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Ovarian Cyst removed found to be borderline tumor

Hi I had a very large cyst removed and it was found to be borderline tumor. I'm 25 years old and my ovaries and everything else looked to be fine.

My dr wants to see me tomorrow to discuss this but now I'm freaking out I'll need more surgery. Any advise?

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Let's wait and see, your doctor needs to go through all the relevant information so you're aware of the situation. Do let us know what your doctor says, lots of love and hugs ❤️Xx Jane


Hi there

So sorry you have had this shock at such a young age. None of us are doctors and cannot say exactly what will happen. I had a huge BOT removed in January 2010...am still here by the way. There is a facebook closed group for people dealing with this, it's called borderline ovarian tumours. There are many more people your age there , so you may wish to join it.

If you are in the UK , and the rest of your female organs looked OK, my understanding is that no more surgeries would be needed at this stage in somebody so young , but you may need regular blood tests and scans. The trend now seems to be that you get in contact with the hospital team if you have any concerns and come in if you wish , rather than having regular appointments. But different hospitals have different arrangements.

Let us know how you get on.

Love n hugs xxx


Hey yeah I've opted for monitoring for the next few months before I decide or need to remove the ovary. Hoping it's one of those things that just never comes back !


So sorry to hear it's good that they removed it! Do you know how big the cyst was? Did you experience any side affects having this cyst?

Wishing you all the best and keep us company xxx


Hi, it was 27cm! Dr didn't think it would be anything but fine, bits it's Official name is Mucineous Boarderline Tumor.

Dr didn't remove the ovary, but said this might need to be an option but said it's fine if I want to monitor this for the next few months to see how it goes.

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Oh wow, so was it actually cancerous or benign? I wish you all the best xx

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It's borderline at the moment so not cancerous.


Ovacome have what I think is one of the best leaflets on borderline tumours- if you haven't already found it, it's worth looking on their website for it. (It's also good for family / friends who can't get their heads around what it is)



hI A- how are you doing ? I was just recently diagnosed with borderline tumor....was wondering how your experience was and if you are still just monitoring or did you have any additional surgeries?

at this point I dont know if the doctor will recommend to remove my ovary or not.. I had a wedge resection, so they dont know if the tumor was removed during this surgery of if I still have some borderline cells in my ovary.


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