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Hi everyone

Wonder if you can advise me on insurance. Since my diagnosis and treatment we have been on several holidays to Europe and have been insured through MIA and have been very pleased with them. However, we are off to Jersey by ferry next Monday and they have quoted a ridiculous price - we're only going for 5 days! It's because they're not in Europe. I am 18 months into remission and feeling fine. I believe that we could get insurance which excludes the oc. Can anyone advise if they have done this and who they went through. I know we could take a chance, but I would rather have some sort of security.

Hope all you ladies are feeling a bit better now the sunny weather is kicking in.

Chris x x x

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Hi there Chris

I have connections with the Channel Islands and my understanding is that emergency treatment is provided for UK residents on holiday there. So if you fall and break a leg, that care will be provided free of charge by the States of Jersey. Also you will be aware that there are several ways of getting back to the UK if you need to , including car ferries.

You have to weigh up the possibility of something related to your OC occuring in those 5 days you are in Jersey and this requiring immediate treatment and that this issue is so severe that it will prevent you from getting back home for treatment.

Take care

Charlie xxx


Hi Charlie,

Didn't realise we could get free emergency treatment in Jersey. This is what I was concerned about. Not really worried about me. Like you say we can always get on a ferry if I'm not feeling too good. What a shame eh? Looks like the insurers are going to lose out this time!!

Thanks so much.

Love and hugs

Chris x x


HI Chris,

Living in Spain means I don't quite know the eligibility for Jersey. But below is something I posted months ago on a query re travel insurance, I don't know whether it will be any good to you or not . We thankfully took out travel insurance through our Insurance Company about 4 years ago and pay on a yearly basis and have no problems.


There was an interesting article on travel insurance for cancer patients and partners in the travel section of the Telegraph about a year ago, I have found it and I thought you might be interested to read it.

Another article also said that if you had a joint insurance before your partner had cancer, most insurance companies will not cover the fit person because the are travelling with a person with pre existing condition.

One suggestion was to speak to the Macmillan Nurses as they have a list of providers, and another company that was mentioned was WORLD FIRST 0845 908 161

Below is the article from the Telegraph :-

Unfortunately, matters can be complicated when it comes to what the insurance industry calls "pre-existing medical conditions". Even if you're prepared to pay extra for proper cover, you may end up with a massive bill and tiresome stipulations, or find your insurer refuses to provide anything at all.

Cover that excludes a pre-existing medical condition is also available, as you say, but the small print on the policy will usually exclude anything that's connected with the condition.

So if, for example, you'd just finished chemotherapy and you picked up an infection while travelling, because your natural immune system was weakened, your insurer may reject a claim on the basis that it's related to the cancer. Obviously this could result in you having to meet the cost of large medical bills.

It's essential, then, to find an insurer who takes a reasonable stance. A spokesman for JD Travel Insurance, which specialises in medical cover for travellers, says she believes that if a doctor is happy that a patient is well enough to take the trip, and their travel plans are realistic, cover should be available at reasonable cost. But reasonable cost also depends on where you're travelling.

Within the EU and in other destinations where there are reciprocal care arrangements, bills for medical treatment aren't excessive, but in North America and parts of the Caribbean costs are far higher so premiums will be too.

Also bear in mind that complications can arise when it comes to a terminal or incurable prognosis. Many people have conditions that may be life limiting, but not in the short term, and so can continue to travel. In this case, it's important not to give your insurers the wrong impression of your illness and, in doing so, undermine your chances of finding cover.

Spend time phoning around insurers to gather quotes, as prices and the extent of cover can vary considerably. Every case is assessed individually by insurers, but as a general rule, if your consultant has given you a time limit on life expectancy, the further in advance of travelling you buy a policy, the greater the cost and difficulty.

That said, if you've booked a holiday, you'll need to get your insurance in place as soon as possible. It may feel a bit like chicken and egg, but the good news is that when it comes to medical cover, there are some insurers who are prepared to go the extra mile.

The following specialise in pre-existing medical conditions: Avanti Travel Insurance (0800 066 5604; www.avantitravel; All Clear Insurance (0845 250 5250;; Insurancewith (0845 230 7159;; Freedom Insurance (01223 454290;;

JD Travel Insurance (01689 859102;; PJ Hayman (0845 230 5000; and World First (0845 908 0161;

Hope someone finds this useful.

Love Anna xx


This is a fabulous list. Thanks Anna.


Thanks for your reply Anna very useful information and for anyone out there who wants a European holiday we have found MIA Travel Insurance to be very reasonable.

Chris x x


Hi Adele

Since being diagnosed 3 years ago I've had three full courses of chemo the last finished in late Nov. 11. During my first two six months remissions and so far with this one I've travellled extensively - just got back from 6 weeks in NZ and off to Egypt, Greece and Italy at Easter. On completion of each chemo I've been well, no symptoms of the disease, some after effects of the chemo but nothing major. I travel with our annual holiday insurance which excludes pre-exisiting conditions and costs about £150 per year for the two of us through Churchill. I make sure wherever I go I can afford to fly home at short notice should I suddenly feel unwell and would'nt go anywhere exotic which would put me out of range of medical help if I need it whether it was OC related or something else causing it. The travelling does me so much good - something to look forward to and plan for, takes my mind off the fact the disease keeps coming back, no hospitals or Doctors to visit while I'm away and lovely memories for when I'm having tratment and not so well. Having just lost a close friend through OC I'm even more aware of just how fragile life is and my Onc is very supportive of my global wandering. Keep travelling Adele, enjoy your remission, store up your memories and just make sure you get insurance from a company with a good reputation. Enjoy your holidays. Meryl XXX



Sorry should have said "Hi Chris" at the start of my reply as you asked the original question but it seems to have helped Adele as well. Meryl XXXX


No problem Meryl and I'm in full agreement with you. We have increased our holidays since my diagnosis and it's completely changed our lives. It's great looking forward to the next little adventure. We don't travel too far, but that's ok because we've never been intrepid travellers and enjoy the continental lifestyle. Especially Italy and the South of France. Enjoy your next trip and give our love to Italia.

Chris x x


Hi Chris

Yes - Chris, don't be deterred - keeptravelling as much as you can. But be sure to insure for everything excluding the cancer though of course the company will try to make a connection,however spurious if you have to claim.I went to Canada for four weeks at the end of 2010 about 4 weeks after a series of chemo. - really because my sister there was terminally ill. I approached Aviva and they referred me on to a specialist company ,I think it was All Clear insurance Services - o8712 211 857 and after the medical questions it was clear the cancer had to be excluded and they gave me a very reasonable deal on that basis. I made sure my Visa account was in good health for a quick flight home if need be but all went well.

So - go ahead and please let us know when you come home how i went. All the best.



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