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Travel insurance query

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Dear All

We have had a query via the support line which I hope you can help with. One of our members is having difficulty getting insurance when she is asked if her cancer is cured or has been completely removed.

She is NED and her oncologist is happy for her to travel, but when she explains to the insurance company that this isn't the same as being cured the quotes are extremely high.

She wondered how those of you who are NED explain this to insurance companies and any companies where this resulted in a reasonable quote?

Many thanks for all your help.

Best wishes


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Hi Anna, I haven’t used them but insure with has been recommended by a secondary breast cancer bod (who’s currently en route back from Maldives!)

I know of some who have also gone away but not insured for their cancer diagnosis but guess that very much depends on what/if any other health issues they may have, how well they are and any medication they’re on etc.


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OvacomeSupportAdministrator in reply to Yorkiepudd

Hi Michelle

That's really helpful, thank you very much.

Best wishes


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Everhope in reply to Yorkiepudd

Michelle, I want to thank you so much for your reply re travel insurance. I contacted Insurewith this morning and have been able to get insurance which even covers my ovarian cancer at an affordable price. I am so pleased as it means I can visit my daughter in the US.

Thank you again


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Yorkiepudd in reply to Everhope

Oh I’m so pleased and I hope you have a fantastic time xx

I use MIA and they seem to get this. I always offer a’fit to fly’ note from oncology and they usually request that my holiday plans have been noted and approved by my oncologist xx

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OvacomeSupportAdministrator in reply to Lyndy

Dear Lyndy

Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

Best wishes


Hi Anna

I'm currently in Lanzarote. I'm on the ICON 9 trial for incurable Stage 3c o/c, trialling 2 drugs. My Onc was happy for me to fly. World First insured me for a very reasonable price after quite lengthy conversations with 3 different reps , the 2nd and 3rd really understood this type of cancer. Mine is not the same situation as your other member but worth trying them.


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OvacomeSupportAdministrator in reply to LittleMissStubborn

Hi Nicola

Thank you very much for letting us know about your experience. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Lanzarote!

Best wishes


I’m classed as terminal, I’m not receiving any treatment at the moment I’m on watch and wait. I had to go through many hoops with insurance companies until Boots excepted me covering my cancer, for Spain £33 and I’m now off to South Africa for £395, I feel safer with insurance. Hope this helps.


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OvacomeSupportAdministrator in reply to Chele21

Dear Chel

That's really helpful, thank you. I hope you have a lovely holiday in South Africa.

Best wishes



We use the Women’s Institute annual worldwide travel insurance policy provided by Open Travel Insurance.

There are some criteria including WI Membership, age, no terminal diagnosis and declare fit to travel. However there are no medical questions and all pre existing medical conditions are covered. Therefore so long as your lady meets the other criteria she should get cover.

As far as cost goes I pay around £300 per year and that covers myself, my husband and my younger daughter.


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OvacomeSupportAdministrator in reply to Flamingobeef18

Dear Julia

Many thanks for this information, it is really helpful.

Best wishes


I used Insurewith to fly to the USA six months after completing the carbo/taxol regime for ovarian cancer, obviously I was then classed NED and still am gladly.

They asked really pertinent questions (including if I was classed as cured and were happy with the term NED), which I found totally relevant and we got a competitive quote. I still use them nearly 6 years on as we all know insurance companies will try to wriggle out of paying any claims if they possibly can and I feel content with this company.

Hope the person asking the question gets a good quote as holidays are really important to us both during and after the cancer nightmare. ❤️Xx Jane

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OvacomeSupportAdministrator in reply to Cropcrop

Dear Jane

Many thanks for this. I'm sure your experience around discussing NED with the company will be really helpful for our member who requested this information.

Best wishes


If you're over 50, try SAGA. Otherwise the above suggestions should work. I use AXA PPP, because I have medical insurance with them, via SAGA. Only question is, does your doctor say you are fit to travel?

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