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Well hair loss has started!

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Happy Sunday everyone 😊 well I didn't think I'd get upset and maybe thought it wasn't going to happen but my hair started to come out after my shower this morning and I got a bit upset, I'm ok now, sprayed it with hairspray and went out for lunch with hubs and dad but realised it won't be long before I can't hide what's happening! 2nd chemo on the 4th July and on the upside the pain in my hip that I've had for 2yrs has totally gone!!! Somethings working 🥰 always an upside!!! X

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I really feel for you, l thought mine would just go thin but l lost every hair on my body but were all different and some chemo treatments don't. But l was given a voucher from Christie's for a wig from there on site shop so that should have been a warning really. Yes l did lose every hair on my body and if l could give any advice is to get your eyebrows done before you start did find that a bit difficult but it's all so short lived reallyAs soon as l finished chemo within days its started growing back so please dont worry its very quickly comes back. I wore wigs found them great lightweight and they made me feel great. Id got a very uneven head with brain surgery in the past so pretty bands and things were out for me because of scarring on my head

It will soon be back and although tough at times

Worth it the chemo so far as worked for me

Sending love positive thoughts and big hugs.


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Newbery3 in reply to Realistic

I had brain surgery too in 2004 for a frontal lobe aneurysm! 🙌 thought that was my cats live moment!!! My surgery was through my groin and vad 13 platinum coils fitted, amazing 👏 x

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Realistic in reply to Newbery3

Wow were a pair together aren't we l have a tumour in the third ventricle but because of where it was very difficult to remove so had 3 brain surgeries in the end last one they put a programmable valve in my head to control the pressure but my heads a bit like a golf course with holes & and controls not very nice, but needs must. Dont worry about your hair it really will soon come back, stay healthy through your chemo eat well try and keep as strong as you can all helps in your recovery. Good luck stay positive you can get back to normal and enjoy life. Were all with you and remember a problem shared is a problem halved . Sending love & big hugs SheilaFxxx

I don’t think any of us lose our hair without getting a bit emotional…it’s such a big thing. But you are right to focus on the up sides… your chemo is definitely doing it’s job…and yes hair does grow back. Meanwhile, this is also a cue for you to take really good care of yourself while your body deals with the onslaught of chemo. Lots of rest, good food, be careful in the sun, don’t push yourself when you are not up to it. Good luck! xx

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Newbery3 in reply to Lyndy

You are actually my inspiration ❤️ lol thank you lyndy x

All I can say is embrace your balding head. I had a head shaving party with my daughters and grandsons when I got tired of hair on my pillow, in my food, and on my hairbrush. I wore caps when out but refused the wig thing. I felt I’d hate it.

I do work from home so I had that freedom to not wear a wig.

But I honestly loved being bald! No hair care, yes!!!

My hair did all grow back in time. About 3 weeks after the last chemo treatment I had fuzz!

Big hugs, Jill

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Fuzz 🤣🤣🤣 well I told my grandsons that I may get a hair fairy visit and I'll get money for new hats, they are excited now for mamgu to go bald!

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I thought my bald head may frighten them but they really got into helping cut it all off! Lol

Have to say mine started dropping after first chemo. Went immediately to choose a wig as I wanted to keep my same look then husband helped me to shave it all off! An emotional moment but was thrilled with the two wigs I bought & so many people complimented me on the look . Only problem being I was always short , wavy & mouse brown but hair returned grey & very tight curls 🤣Worst thing was losing eyelashes but they soon retuned🤗Embrace every moment of your journey , it all shows that the chemo is doing its job !! Take care . Big hugs Dee X

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Newbery3 in reply to Mammi

Yes I've bought 2 wigs ready and I think I'm dreading the eyebrows and lashes going more than anything! I've been watching online how to apply make up to give the illusion of eyebrows but I think I'll end up like a drag queen!! 🤣

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Joanne59 in reply to Newbery3

I bought some eyebrow stencils and a good brow pencil, and a really good fine eyeliner. Just lots of practice then. Good luck x

Ah its so hard losing your hair. Its huge but try and take some control yourself. Once mine started to come out, I made the decision, to shave it off. Sounds like the chemo is the working. Be kind to yourself. Good luck to you. Xxx

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Newbery3 in reply to Clipper15

I'm going to give it another day or so then shave it off😊 just dreading the pity looks but need to put my big girl pants on !

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Clipper15 in reply to Newbery3


Hi thereI wore my wig every day and really got used to it, most people outside the family didn’t even know i lost my hair. I have holiday cottages and tbh i didnt want to have that conversation with every set of guests! I use KAbrow from benefit for eye brows it comes with a little brush and if you work it on the back of your hand before applying, you can build it up in small strokes. Its much less smudgey (not a word lol) than other products i have tried. My hair came back fine but my brows are still faint. I loved the no leg shaving too!!

All the best


I'll order the ka brow and have a go 🙏 xx

I am 11 months since start of chemo and my hair is about 4-5 cms and all tight curls, which Iknowwill slowly straighten as I lost my hair 20 years ago with breast cancer. Not a good look on me! So it is still. wigsfor me and I love them. Have really trendy, glamorous ones and had many compliments. May stick to wigs in future. So easy. Recommend Trendco website or Simply Wigs. Latter take time to receive.

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Newbery3 in reply to Trickysite

Yes I've bought 2 wigs ready 1 looks so much like my hair but the other is completely different style and colour and my grandsons think it's my super hero wig! 🤣

I minded more than I thought I would when my hair started going. I found it worse to constantly be clearing it up and felt much better once it was shaved. I'd recommend a Look Good Feel Better online workshop for managing losing eyebrows etc- that was brilliant. Once chemo finishes it should start regrouping pretty quickly. Save all the money you would normally spend on hairdressers for a nice treat! Xx

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Newbery3 in reply to Loorunner

Yes I think maggies in Swansea dk that course too I'll ring them up x

Since it is coming on for summer, you may want to have a few soft scarves you can tie into turbans. I found that easier and cooler for myself (plus my scalp was a bit sensitive). Others have mentioned the wig option and ways to deal with brow loss. The hair does come back - I decided to use this opportunity to stop coloring my hair and have ended up as what I call "platinum blonde". It is now merely a bit wavy instead of curly. I too was unexpectedly emotional about losing it, and I was very happy to get my brows back! All the best to you - Deb in Colorado

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I know I thought I'd be fine but yesterday morning I did crumble when it started, just made everything feel more real! I'm ok today 😊 get back on with it now, yes I have got some scarfs ready too xx have a lovely day in colorado .. a place I definitely want to visit when I'm well xx

You seem to have a good attitude.Being able to take the positives from the tough situation you are in. I was told by my,oncologist from the start the I would loose my hair on paxotaxel so I prepared ahead if starting chemo with a visit to hairdresser for a good trim and also went to a lovely wig shop for a fitting and a colour match. I was given a prescription of £100 towards the wig by the hospital which meant I could put it towards a decent wig.My hair did start coming out pretty much straight away after first chemo. My head became sore. It felt as though the weight of hair was pulling on folicles so I shaved what was left off. It felt much more comfortable and didn't irritate under the wig. My baldness was during winter so it was quite good to wear a wig rather than a woolly hat!

I had an allergic reaction to paxataxol so it was stopped after 2nd attempt. I have since had 2nd line carboplatin on it's own and not lost my hair. IHave been on Rubraca (maintenance)since February and that has caused my hair to thin.

Good luck with you on going treatment.

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Newbery3 in reply to Tillymint61

Yes my head has felt like I have a tight hat on! And itchy! That must be why🤔🤔 makes sense now xx

Hi Newbery3Like you, I was upset when my hair started falling out and accepted the offer of an NHS wig, which I chose on a zoom call. I love my wig and it is so much easier than my own hair. I walk my grandkids to school every day and they have no idea that I wear a wig. Friends at the gym asked me if I had a makeover! I’m sharing a photo so you can see. Get one sooner rather than later. I had difficulty finding the right colour.

Cool wig
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Newbery3 in reply to meadowgirl

Lovely pic!💙 yes I have 2 ready, you look really well, have you finished chemotherapy? X

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meadowgirl in reply to Newbery3

Last chemo of 6 tomorrow. Debulking done and dusted. I have been fortunate in many ways. All the best to you on your journey. It will whizz by x

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Newbery3 in reply to meadowgirl

I hope so!! 🤞🙏 haven't had the op yet, hoping I'm able to after 3 chemo I get a scan. But just got to go with the flow! I can't believe how good you look😊 and that you are going to the gym!! I'm afraid to go near people incase i get covid or something 🙃 x glad your ag the end tomorrow 🥳

I bought two when lost my hair in more or less the same colour It was then(dyed). I have kept them in case but now totally grey so people would probably notice! I found them a bit hot so only wore when I went out somewhere for lunch etc. not every day. They were very realistic though not like wigs from years ago when you could definitely tell

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I have given mine names 🤣 1 is black like my original hair called stacey and I've bought a red head long number that my friends love on me she's called Judy 🤣 the laugh is when this falls out its going to be grey as I've dyed my hair for year's too 🙈x

Alot of useful information offered so far.The Look Good Feel Better charity do wellbeing workshops around the UK and are excellent.


Best wishes


Thanks Sally I'll have a look now x

I'm in the same position as yourself. Had my 2st chemo on 13th and yesterday I started losing my hair and top of my head was sore and today I've got slightly more loss. I am mirroring exactly to the day how my hair loss was on the same day after my 1st chemo 2 yrs ago. It was expected but now its happening its just as upsetting as it was the 1st time. One thing I can say though is on the day of my 2nd chemo last time I had it shaved off and was such a relief rather than shredding all over the place so I'm looking at doing the same thing again before I clogg my hoover up...we just have accept it's one of the sacrifices we have to make to get well again. Hope you are OK today x

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I think I'll hold out to see how it goes this week and if I start to look like a mangey dog I'll shave it! 😂

I love your attitude. It will get you through, with or without hair. I'm on my third hair loss. First time was a bit tough but I'm sort of used to it now. In fact, I was looking forward to it this time. So easy to shower. It's winter here now, so a bit chilly on the head but so many nice beanies around now. It's growing back now but slowly. First two times, it grew back grey and tight curls. Like a head full of pubic hair haha. Not impressed but it soon sorted itself out. This time it's straight.My head was quite sensitive so I found soft scarves and hats easier to wear than wigs. Also, someone gave me a satin pillow case which was invaluable. Made sleeping a lot more comfortable.

I saved a lot of money on hairdressers and I'll never have to have a Brazilian!!

Love & hugs to you. xxxxxx

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Newbery3 in reply to AuntyOrange

Public hair🤣🤣🤣 yes I'll def save in the beauticians waxing and eyebrow tint, Hollywood! Hairdressers! I'll have to save the money up and see how much I get! I'm not drinking wine either on my weekend!!! May get a holiday out of this lol 😆

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