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Hair loss and Cold Cap

Hello ladies. Hopefully all of you who are mums are being spoilt today as I am. (Pressies and divine vegan choc brownie for breakfast! Healthy eating day off 😀)

Just a quick update and question. As I posted before, I was going to try the cold cap and have now had two 'zappings' with the carbo/taxol combo. I've tried the cap both times. Quite horrible. I pride myself on a high pain tolerance but nearly ripped it off this time. I literally gritted my teeth for 15 mins until the worst was over. The other poor lady my age was in tears due to the pain but thankfully her hubby was there with tissues.

My hair is falling out drastically in hand and brushfulls so I don't think it is worth continuing with. I've got about half left I reckon. I gave it a second go but am still shedding overwhere. My question is how long does it take for the whole lot to fall out? It started two weeks after first chemo and I'm wondering how long I've got until full Kojak. I know everyone is different but I'm curious.

On a plus note the consensus from family, friends and work colleagues is my wig looks amazing! Apparently after losing a stone and having the long wig I look like Jennifer Anniston's sister! As my friend said, it just looks like you are having an uber good hair day. Thank goodness wigs have improved. Ironic it looks better than my own hair normally though!!!! Maybe a face lift or Botox next?!

As suggested my another warrior I've ordered some fake fringes to attach to hats as the wig can be a weeny bit itchy after a while and I don't think I'll want to wear it all day at home on my own. Tip - I ordered from eBay for £2.99 rather than £15 in the wig shop. Look good and at that price I'm happier to trim and shape.

Anyway info from Kojak lovelies would be great.



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I didn't try the cold cap as the thought of deliberately making myself feel cold didn't appeal to me; I've suffered from cold hands and feet for all my adult life. I lost all my hair just after the second chemo. I enjoyed wearing my wig as it was better than my own hair. However, it is a bit of a faff at home, so I mostly wore turban type hats at home or scarves. A wig is hot in the summer too.

One thing to bear in mind, if the wig is synthetic, is to wash it overnight. The first time I washed mine, it was in the morning and we couldn't go out to a planned celebration. I also had to buy a second identical wig as my dog ran away with the first and restyled it for me, unfortunately without much skill. It did look funny though as he was a black dog and the wig was silver and he ran under the dining room table with it. So take care around animals!


Mine fell out around a month in, I didn't bother with the cold cap because as both taxol and carbo make your hair drop I didn't see the point in the discomfort.

My wig was stunning, much better than my own hair ever was or ever will be, I loved it and because it was a monofilament not too hot, tad scratchy when my own hair started to come back but it was so much quicker to get 'presentable' in the mornings and I saved a fortune on hairdressers and hair products. I've kept my wig 'just in case' 😉.

Let me know how the facelift and Botox go, I might join you 😂.

Take lots of care and I'm sure you'll be much more comfy at your next chemo session. ❤xx Jane


I have been using the cold cap and have just had my 3rd dose of carbo/taxol. The first time I wore the cap I nearly gave in but the second was much better after taking paracetamol a bit earlier. I forgot the paracetamol this time because of all the faffing with my blood test and suffered. My hair also started to fall out after 2 weeks after the first infusion-no clumps just a lot of strands and started to look thin on top. I think the cap was fitted better the second time and a lot less hair came out. After the third my hair looks a mess but is still very much with me. The oncologist said it may still fall out as the chemo keeps on working all the time. The cold cap booklet says to persevere as less will fall out but you should expect to lose up to half your hair. So far I think it is really worth it. Only wash once per week in baby shampoo and comb with a big tooth comb, dry naturally. Good luck!

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Hi Em

When my CNS told me over 6 years ago about the cold cap and its headache inducing properties there was no contest. She was able to tell me when exactly my hair would fall around the second chemo so I made an appt with a specialist wig fitter cum hairdresser where she studied my real hair, and helped me choose a colour and style . When she, rang me to tell me it was ready I made an appt with her to have my hair shaved off, stopping only for a spray tan on the way. I was delighted with the result and had a selection of scarves etc for no- wig days. Another plus was that my hair grew back thicker and in better condition . I have never regretted it and was disappointed last Aug that I only had Carbo which thinned my hair slightly . I would rather lose it all and get better hair on re growth. I realise that is not how many women feel and lots of them adapt to the cold cap very well. I just wanted you to hear a story from the opposite side. I hope you are happy with whatever you decide.



I manage well with the cold cap for weekly taxol and still have my hair. I've started the 5th round of 3 now (then a rest week). I take a big blanket on the nurses advice and need it as I also take ice for my hands as well to avoid neuropathy. I find I'm ok with the blanket to keep me warm but the infusion takes less time than 3 weekly carbo/taxol. I think the cold cap is working as my pubic hair is now very thin. In fact I just looked to check there's any there at all :-)


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