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Hair loss/scalp pain

Hi does anyone have any insight on this for me, I had my 2nd cycle on the 24th October, and am using a cold cap but it doesn't cover all of my hair the part it doesn't cover at my neck is terribly itchy, like driving me crazy itchy! I've noticed it thinning and am currently tying it up to make it go longer between washes and minimise brushing, is this the best way to deal with it or am I stressing it by tying up constantly?? Also my crown is burning/itching and it's like I have spots over my scalp in various places..... Any thoughts? Is this how it starts?



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Sorry Ally can't help as never used cold cap. Shaved her off on both my lines of chemo and both times suffered from ? Folliculitis when the remaining hair came out . Red blotchy and itchy and sore to lie on at times.

Hope the cold cap works for you.

Love Wendy xxx


Hi Ally, I didn't have a cold cap but what you describe is how my head felt as my hair started to thin and then eventually fall out. I went and had it cut short at that point as I thought it would be easier to see short hairs on my shoulders, cushions etc, the short haircut only lasted a week and I then asked the hairdresser to shave it off (a No 2, no shorter as you don't want risking a cut that won't heal and therefore delay chemo). Good luck with your treatment. Ann x


Hello Ally

I used the cold cap for 18 weeks while I was having Taxol and I kept my hair..The best thing to do is have

you hair cut into a nice trendy short style so that the cold really does get to the roots . If your hair is too long it tends to lay flat under the cap and restricts the cold getting to the scalp. Also are you using the correct size cap for your head? If the cap is too small then it will not work as it should. Are you wetting your hair before you put the cap on as you should? If it is short it is much easier to do. Use a PH balance shampoo (not baby shampoo)..Good luck I hope it works for you. Georgie


Hi Ally - I used (and am using cold cap) for breast cancer (I follow this board as ovarian cancer runs in my family and I suffer from IBS and associated fear of OC).

My scalp went itchy, scaly, felt tight late in cycle one and after cycle 2 of chemo and a lot of hair came out, but I am able to look fine without a wig as I fill in my wide parting with Nanogen Hair fibres - from Boots - it works.

I also use "Allergenics" shampoo which is ph balanced at 5.5 and has natural ingredients - again from Boots online. It really calmed my scalp and i found that washing my hair in cold water helped to stop greasiness. I started off using "simple" shampoo, but my scalp was becoming a bit raw so I bought the Allergenics in desperation.

My hair fell out at first so much that I was going to ask my husband to shave it off - I'm so glad I didn't as it stopped falling out after cycle 2 and has even started to grow back on Taxotere (related to Taxol). I had it cut into a "pixie".

The cold cap doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth persevering if you can stand it.

hope this helps and best wishes,

Rebecca x


Hi I started weekly chemo on 29 Oct and was supposed to have a cold cap for my first chemo but hospital messed up. I had had a cold cap for the next 3 sessions. Chemo nurse advised cutting hair short (I had back length long hair). I cut it to shoulder length. The nurse also advised using conditioner in your hair prior to cold cap which worked well for me and no itching. The cold cap has to fit snugly and tight against the scalp for it to be effective otherwise won't work. My nurse also applies cotton gauze near the ears and around the forehead to prevent burning, itching and brain freeze. I found this really effective. My hair has started falling out a lot between week 3-4 and I had to trim my hair really short. I haven't had any itching but suggest you apply conditioner liberally on your hair and scalp which may help prior to cold cap. The cold cap should cover and touch the whole scalp and doesn't matter if it doesn't cover longer hair.


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