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What else is available?

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I have done Carbo/Taxol, Avastin, Carbo/Caelyx, Rubrac a and now Anastrazole. I have a scan coming up, but lately can feel the cancer spreading and am resorting to pain killers.

Can anyone who has had this many lines of chemo tell me what else was available for them to try, and also how successful it was please. Surely this isn't it?


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Hi. I’m sorry you find yourself in this situation. There’s gemzar aka gemcitabine and topotecan — those are chemo. But then there’s immunotherapy—maybe trials? Good luck!

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For some reason my oncologist said he doesn't prescribe gem! Not sure why.

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SopSinger in reply to 27-359

You are always entitled to a second opinion, from a major cancer centre, at any stage of treatment. If you are within reach of London, you can't go wrong with the Royal Marsden, and they have access to clinical trials too. There are other drugs that have had limited success, such as weekly Taxol and cyclophosphamide, but you need to be at a major cancer centre to get the full range.

I have read about other chemos on here- cisplatin, gemcitabine, rotterdam routine- guess it depends on your type of cancer. Frontline chemo didn’t work for me and I was offered caylx or a phase 2 trial at our local hospital. I decided to look further afield and paid for a consultation at the London Clinic and was sent straight to the UCLH Research Facility where I was put on a phase one trial. I recommend getting to a major cancer centre for advise unless you are already at one. My local hospital did not tell me about treatments that they do not offer and yet there are more out there if you are prepared to travel.

Where is UCLH please? To be honest, I am beginning to feel worn down, and am not sure that I have the energy to get myself up to London or similar. I live alone and sometimes everything is just all too much.

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SopSinger in reply to 27-359

UCLH is central London (University College London Hospital) and is a centre of excellence. If you've got people telling you they "don't prescribe" certain chemos, you need the expertise of a major cancer centre.

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I'll ask why they don't use Gem any more, because they did up until a few years ago. There must be a good reason why they stopped.

Hi, I’d look on U.K. Cancer research for any trials and definitely ask for a second opinion?

Good morning. You can go back to carbo and to taxol after an interval in my case it was about a year. Also gemzar plus something else best bet is to find an onc who is dedicated and specialuzes in ovarian. And look at trials for sure. Hugs from paris

Hi Jenny, If I remember rightly you live in North England, The Christie in Manchester would be a major centre. Sue xx

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No, I live in Kent. My hospital is a centre for excellence in cancer treatment. London would be my nearest major hospital, but as isaid, to deal with train then tube while feeling below par, then home again all on my own is not something I look forward to.

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No I fully understand, I've done the trip plenty of times and I'm a lot nearer than you. If your already at a centre of excellence then you should be getting the best treatment available.

Morning Jenny, I’ve just started the Rotterdam Regime at The Christie, first week and it already feels like hard work but just need to get through the initial phase and out the other side. Take care xx

Have you started it after the same path as27-359?

Very similar, it’s 5th line after numerous, Olaparib parp, Carbo, caelyx, Abraxane. Avastin was planned with Abraxane but it was stopped at 10th week and Rotterdam Regime commenced. X

Thank you. Iam hanging on at the Rubraca stage and keeping fingers crossed 4 months in. Had my debulking at the Christie. Good luck. X

Long may Rubraca do it’s stuff! Keep well xx

Definitely. Thanks. 👍

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I've heard that the Rotterdam protocol is hard. I hope it goes well for you.

Has Avastin (Bevacizumab) been mentioned? It is targeted therapy. It has kept my inoperable tumor from growing. Praying for you.

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I have already had Avastin, and I think we only get one shot at it.

Hi, I’ve just replied to a similar question from Joanne12, I’ll try to repost it here. xx

Hi, looks like can’t copy and paste my reply to Joanie12 but here’s a link. Sorry but it’s quite a lengthy post x healthunlocked.com/ovacome/...

Thank you so much for responding. We seem to be on similar paths as I commenced treatment in 2016 too, although not BRCA positive. One of the reasons the par P didn't benefit me I suppose.It is over a year since I had Carbo/Caelyx so possibly I could have single line Carbo again, or single line Taxol. I don't know much about Cisplatin, so will research before I see the oncologist next.

I think niraparib is offered to non BRCA patients-u cd check

I have already had Rucaparib, but it didn't help me!

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