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Aches and Pains

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I came off Rubraca in November, and since then have developed severe back ache. It hurts when I walk, sit and when I am in bed, but not continually! I am having a scan in a couple of weeks as the oncologist thinks it could be lymph node involvement behind my spine. I have been given Oramorph for pain relief. Now, my legs have started aching too. It feels muscular, but I don't really know.

Had anyone else experienced this as cancer related pain, and was a pain killer the only solution?


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Hi Jenny. I’m sorry for the pain you are dealing with. I have had similar pain but not from a PARP. More from back injury. I guess your scan will clarify whether it’s cancer related. It’s hard to know how to deal with when you don’t know the cause. I hope it gets better soon.

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I don't think the parp has anything to do with it, it's just that all these aches and pains have come on while I was not in treatment, so I don't think it's a side effect of a drug.

I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the results of the scan to check whether the back pain is related to the cancer or not. All I can tell you is I've had back ache and back problems on and off since my diagnosis in January 2018; even though I've had various back troubles on and off for some years, the oncologist has given me 3 separate MRI scans during the last five years because he worries its the cancer, and it never has been so far. I do have some cancerous lymph nodes near to my spine on one side, but since the back trouble eases off after a while, I've never thought it was cancer related.

Lumbar back issues can cause pain down the legs, right down to the feet, nothing unusual about that; as for pain relief, I never found painkillers terribly effective, other than perhaps co codomol to take the edge off, I just do particular exercises, gently, and use heat pads and magnets and, if its really bad, I might need two walking sticks to get around when I don't usually have a stick at all. If it's cancer related, not sure what the solution will be, but I'm sure the oncologist will come up with something. Try not to worry about it in the meantime.


Thanks for replying. Actually my GP wanted me to have an MRI scan, but said it would have to be the oncologist who requested it. The registrar was in agreement but although I got an appointment through for an MRI, the oncologist cancelled it and I am now having a CT scan. All very odd. Could it be down to cost?I


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Should be mri I think ????? But there may be good reason . Maybe ask?Hope for good outcome 🤞


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As I had a fall in November and broke my wrist, lacerated my head and badly bruised a rib, I had hoped that the fall had caused the ongoing pain. I didn't get a body X ray, just head and wrist. I don't think that sort of damage would show on a CT scan.

Hi Jenny, so sorry for the pain and discomfort you are having. Praying your scan will be all clear and figure out the reason for your pain. I’m on Rubraca and have back issue too. May I ask why you came off Rubraca??

I was told I’d be on Rubraca rest of my life, just curious why they took you off.

I’ve been on Rubraca going on 4 years now with no reoccurrence.

God Bless You with clear scans


Unfortunately Rubraca didn't work for me. My CA25 continued to rise and a scan showed a spread of the cancer.Four years clear is amazing, long may it continue!

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