Hi ladies just wandering if any of you have had a dull ache below the right rib cage, Its quite vague and sometimes feels quite heavy. I’ve had it for about two weeks now, and not due onc appointment until 15th Feb I know my mind is in overdrive thinking recurrence. I am 18 months NED now and never had this before.

Ellsey xx

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  • Hi Ellsey

    You’ve done very well!! If you think this is new and it’s bothering you then I’d ring my CNS if I were you. It’s probably nothing, I’ve had the same symptom ever since surgery over a year ago, very vague like you say but there’s nothing there. Let us know how you get on

    Marian xx

  • I would pop to the GP to rule out muscular they may do some bloods and a u/s don’t ignore pain

    LA xx

  • I agree Ellsey, have it checked. We know our bodies better than anyone else. Linda xx

  • I often have an ache under my ribs on the right hand side - no idea what is is!

    No harm in going to the Dr for a check up or calling your CNS.

    Vicki x

  • Hi Ellsey, for peace of mind have it checked, it’s very likely nothing to worry about but it’s always best to be sure. I often get an ache like you’ve described but I know what causes mine so I don’t worry too much.

    Let us know how you go love, ❤️Xx jane

  • Get it checked, either through CNS or GP or both.

  • Ellsey, just a thought. Have you recently had the winter virus at all? Up here in Scotland, our local A & E is swamped with people who have this very same pain at the moment following this virus. It's a bit of a mystery, but it resolves after about 6 weeks.

    In your case, of course get any strange new pains checked out - good luck! xxxxx

  • Have all sorts of aches and pains but always a good idea to get checked out. Once I had pains all round my ribs , was sent to hospital and it was dehydration.

  • Yes, have had ache on left and right feels like pressure and sometimes hard to breathe.ive had for months. But all my tests have been good.ca125 a 5. I read up about prolonged illness. And it can cause problems with floating ribs. My Dr is scheduled a catscan just to make sure. But figured if it was cancer I would be tired . I'm not. It's supposed to be from lying in bed. Best wishes, Liz ps in been ned since 2014. I get checked every 3 months.

  • Me too on right side where pleural infusion was. Doc thinks it might be scar tissue. Lungs clear. Lifting things makes it worse.

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