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Any tips for stiff, aching limbs on Avastin?

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I am on Avastin only, at present, and have developed aching legs and arms that are very stiff - walking like a robot when I get up in the morning or have been sitting down. Have you had this and have you found anything that helps?

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I was prescribed pregabalin and hated it so stopped taking it. I wished I'd persevered with it as I'm on it now and it works well.

I managed with regular paracetamol (must take every dose for it to be worth it - it's a very effective drug), Epsom salt baths and elastic plantar fasciitis supports for my feet. 💐😘

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Hi LittleSan, I'm very grateful for your reply. Thank you for taking the time to give me the benefit of your experience. Your reply has given me hope that there are several ways I can mitigate this. I am curious as to why you hated the pregabalin the first time you were prescribed it.

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LittleSan in reply to Sukidu

For the first few days I felt really drowsy and not 'with it', I was already fatigued with the Avastin and it hampered my lifestyle at the time as I was looking after my elderly mother and couldn't drive with the side effects.

This time, I've been on them a week now and my muzzy head is clearing and the pain relief is truly amazing.

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Brillant, that is really good to know. I am near the beginning of a year course of Avastin. I'm so glad that you have found a solution that is working for you.

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Hi Sukido. Just wanted to say that I've had approx 100 infusions of avastin & never had any aches & pains. It has raised my blood pressure over time and I sneeze & have a runny nose, mainly mornings & when I eat but that's all the side effects that I'm aware of. I hope it works well for you too. Best wishes. Pauline.

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Thanks for your reply, Pauline. I'm glad to hear that you haven't had uncomfortable side effects with Avastin. It just goes to show that we are all different. I saw my oncologist yesterday and we decided to change from Avastin to a PARP inhibitor as my quality of life on Avastin was not the best. Hope all goes well going forward x

I had this with Avastin osteopathy helped.

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Thank you for your reply x

I take pregablin which helps a bit.

I tried gabapentin before that but the side effects for me were awful.

Malic Acid from Holland and Barrett also helped me.

I do acupuncture too which might help.


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Dear Nicky100, thanks for your help x

Hope you are feeling better , having exactly the same issues.

The stiffness and aching were the worst part of the Avastin for me too. And, I'm about to go back on it.😐. Tylenol didn't help much at all, and I can't take NSAIDS. One thing that helped me get up in the morning is to ask my husband to run a warm bath. If I got straight out of bed into the bath it eased that morning stiffness. Epsom salts really do help as well. If I have the same reaction when I start again I am going to try acupuncture.

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