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Fluctuating CA 15-3 tumor marker

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Dx DCIS stage 0. 2/1/21. Lumpectomy, no rads/ chemo. Oncotype test showed low % recurrence. Feel great. Oncologist wants PET/CT due to increase in markers. Mine seemed to go up and down. Also my alka phosphatase level up to 175. Read Anastrozole could be culprit. Extremely high anxiety til scan done on Wednesday. Guess this is new way of life for me.

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Hi there Suz0130

Thank you for your post. I’m really sorry to hear that you’re feeling so anxious. I can see you’ve not had any replies from the forum community yet and I think this may be because the MyOvacome forum specialises in support for people affected by ovarian cancer. It sounds from your post that you have a breast cancer diagnosis? If so, the below forums focus on supporting people with breast cancer, so I hope their members may be able to share their experiences with you:

- healthunlocked.com/share-br...

- healthunlocked.com/breast-c...

In addition, Breast Cancer Now offer support and information to those affected by breast cancer: breastcancernow.org/ . I see you're based in the US so this organisation and forum may also be relevant for you: breastcancer.org/registration .

Macmillan also have an information resource on anxiety, which I hope may be of interest: macmillan.org.uk/cancer-inf...

I hope you’re able to connect with others soon and that your scan on Wednesday goes as smoothly as possible.

Best wishes


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