The dreaded CA

I am coming up to a year post op and one more avastin to go. I was feeling quite jubilant. I asked for my CA result at Avastin 17 and was confident all would be well as it had sat at 15 for about 4 months. I was gutted that it was 42 and more than doubled in 3 weeks. I've had a melt down but now feel strangely calm accepting it's a recurrence. Any thoughts on if it definitely is. I have a scan soon anyway and I know oncologist will not be that bothered at 42 but I think I know.

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  • Hi Hun , sorry to hear that, but please don't worry , I know it's easy said but it's still relatively low.sometimes it goes up with colds or even mild infections. When are you having your next scan? Please contact your onc.

    Sending you virtual hugs for now no will see you soon.. Xxxx

  • Hi Gleedy and like we know this bloody number can go up for a variety of reasons - the possibility is of course that the beast is marching again but it could equally be something quite innocuous.

    I guess you need to discuss it with your team and if you're scheduled for a scan anyway - well try not to panic - just continue with life and see what happens!

    I used to be bordering on obsessed with the ca 125 - lost count of the number of disturbed nights and tears I've shed but am now at the stage in this process where it's just a number and on its own doesn't really mean a hell of a lot!

    Try to enjoy your weekend and hopefully soon you'll have some answers xxx

  • Try not to jump to any conclusions, it's still quite low and could be lots of other things affecting it. Wait and see what the scan shows, hopefully it will be nothing

    Marian xx

  • Hi Gleedy, Just would like to add to what the other ladies have said it is still is low and and I sure your team will have a treatment to put in place for you. my oncologist looks at the scan before the 124, the one 124 can go up and the scan will tell a different story. Sending you my best wishes ..Lorraine xx

  • I was told it has to double twice, which happened first time because it was aggressive cell, this time it's lazy cells so the rise was less significant. Fluctuation is better apparently. I've just read a fascinating report by the British gynae cancer society about recommended treatment routes for advanced OC and recurrence. They recommend the use of HE4 alongside CA125.

    It's still low though, maybe scan time?

    LA xx

  • If you've no symptoms then that's a good sign. The dreaded CA125 which can blip for so many reasons and gets us right in our vulnerable parts !

    I pray you are well and send you lots of love

    Clare xx

  • A trend is of more relevance than one increase. There can be any number of reasons for an increase. If however you're also having symptoms then you should ask to see your oncologist if your scan is sometime in the future.

    All the best! Do something nice during the weekend to try and take your mind off of worrying.

  • Like others have said, this could rise for all sorts of reasons. It is so disappointing to see though after it being low for so long. At least you have a scan soon. My Ca125 went up on about cycle 13 to 40. I was concerned but Onc wasn't. Had a few more slight rises and had scan but nothing showed on the scan.

    Good luck

    Ann xx

  • Gutted to hear your rise in ca125 as I can imagine the feelings and worry it generates. It may just be a rise for many different reasons so try not to worry. Easier said than done I know. Sending hugs. Xxxxx

  • Thank you so much ladies. I actually posted at the airport. I am on holiday and trying to put it away for a week. As always good advice. Xx

  • I am so sorry because I get the emotional toll that number plays on us wether its proven right or wrong. Our nerves are right on the edge and that number is either reassuring or a major emotional trigger. I'm hoping the stress is for nothing. But don't beat yourself up for being super sensitive to it. Just be kind to yourself and remind yourself its just as possible to be a false blip until you know more. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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