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Marker lowest ever!

I am thrilled to tell you all lovely ladies that my CA125 is down to 19 after 7 taxols now! this is the lowest it has been since diagnosis in Nov 2010. I am hoping to complete the course of 12, but this week my counts are low and also I have the most horrendous rash covering my lower arms. Nurses at the unit say it is quite common, but most unslightly I can tell you. So what with that and the low counts I am having a week off. Altho I felt pretty rough over the bank holiday, the news of my marker has perked me up no end.

Just one more thing, the tips of my fingers are suffering quite a bit and it can be quite painful, any suggestions?

Much love and prayers to you all.

Coco xx

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Hi Coco

Really good about your CA125. Enjoy your week off as much as you can - hopefully the rash will subside a bit.

Can't offer advice about the fingertips. I have neuropathy in my fingers and toes. Oncologist gave me vitamin B6 and suggested I get a bowlfull of rice and sort of knead the rice with my fingertips as the pricking of the grains should stimulate the nerves. However, you need to do this 3x per day and it is very boring and I have not persisted!



Hi Coco,

What good news :-) I am sorry about the side affect no words of wisdom there I'm afraid (sorry) I have the same as Monique neuropathy e.t.c. Best wishes love x G x 8-)


Hi Coco

What great news - we need to hear these as I know they certainly give me a boost! Sorry I can't help with the rash or neuropathy, no doubt someone will be along soon with something more helpful to say.

Love Cathy x


Hi there Coco ...

Sorry you are not feeling too good xx but its great news re your CA125 results ....

Re the Neuropathy in your fingers ..not sure if it would help now but I took through out my chemo a protein powder called Glutamine got it from the net after reading that it can help prevent damage to the nerve endings when having chemo .Ran it pass the consultant he was ok with me taking it . Fingers and toes ok so far ...knees ache though ......

Do so hope you will soon feel a bit brighter xx

Love Jan xxx


Thankyou all for your comments and good wishes . This is such an amazing site for us all. It gives such comfort xx Going to have another week off chemo, so hope to be stronger and fit enough for the 12th Sep. Enjoy the weekend and much love to you all.


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