Hair loss and weekly taxol


I'm starting a weekly regime of Taxol (initially for 6 weeks) and seeking advice as to whether to bother with the cold cap. I've tried it before when I was on carbo/Taxol but found it unbearably uncomfortable for the length of time I had to keep it on. As the weekly dose will be less and quicker I wondered if it was worth another go. Have any of you had success with it on weekly Taxol?


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  • I'm on carbo/taxol and found it very painful. I nearly gave up but found that if I took some of the cocodamol they gave me for post op pain, I could bear it. I still have hair. Stick with it.


  • Thanks for the reply. Think I might give it a go. x

  • I used the cold cap. Kept my head hair. Lost my pubic hair. I also took ice in for my hands to prevent neuropathy. Just ice cubes from the fridge in plastic bags.

  • I found the cold cap painful when I first put it on but that wore of after a few minutes.

  • Thanks Lesley. I did suffer from neuropathy last time but in my feet not my hands. My clinic offers reflexology during treatment which i found helpful. Think I'll give the cold cap a go having lost my hair twice already...x

  • Hi Jane,

    I was having chemo weekly as I was on a trial. I always said if I ever got cancer I'd be more worried about losing my hair than getting cancer. This is ridiculous of course. I did use the cold cap. You have it on for about half an hour before the chemo and about an hour after. It can be painful but after the initial pain it's fine. I had it on for seven to eight hours every week and it worked. I lost some hair from my head and every other hair on my body but it made me feel better. If you have very thick hair it doesn't work quite as well.

    For me, it was worth it but for many it's not. If you do decide to go ahead, take some blankets and have lots of hot drinks. When removing the cap once ,some ice fell onto my shoulder. Oh, and also, it is a very tight fit under your chin because if it's not fitted properly it won't work.

    Good luck with it. You could give it a go and see how you get on. You can always change your mind.


  • Jane, forgot to say. If you have really short hair, I wouldn't bother. x

  • Thanks Zena. I do have short hair, but think i'll give it a go and see how i get on x

  • I would Jane, it's worth a try and saves that long wait for your fair to grow back. I also thought it wouldn't make me look so ill. I dreaded people staring at me when out in the street.

    Please don't be offended anyone that has lost their hair, it's because I'm not that brave and admire the courage of others. I think I would have sat in. My face isn't up to much, I need the hair as disguise.

    It was worth seven hours a week for eighteen weeks. It's like wearing a cycle helmet but a bit tighter.

    All the best with it Jane,

    Zena x

  • Used the cold cap successfully for first line , thinned abit on top but kept most of it . First 15 mins the worst and then is ok . Had it on for about 7 hours ! Good luck Kim x

  • Thanks Kim. Think I'll give it a go x

  • I used cold cap, ended up shaving it just after 2nd chemo as my hair shedding just in patches so the hair on the top of my head was such a mess! I still have loads of hair as it's really thick but all the hair loss seemed to be my brown hair it left all the grey! I definitely would use again though, it's worth a try. After about ten min the cold didn't bother me. Good luck xx

  • thanks Nicola. I think I will give it a go x

  • I used the cold cap for weekly Taxol 18 sessions last year. I kept my hair.

    My hair is short , I feel the cold gets to the roots easier if it is. Make sure both the caps fit well ,I used a smaller undercap than the one on the top.Also use a Ph neutral shampoo. It does hurt a bit at first but you will get used to it. Good luck Georgiexx

  • Thanks Georgie. How long was your session? x

  • It was half an hour before chemo an hour for chemo and I did an hour after chemo I found that after the initial freeze my head got numb so I didn't really feel the cold after that in fact I used to get worried and ask if the machine was still on......tough old biddy me! It certainly worked for me,it's worth giving it a go.


  • I only managed 45 minutes. The cold wasn't the problem, it was the over powering sense of claustrophobia which did it for me. I felt I couldn't breathe. Good luck, warm regards Carole H 😊

  • Thanks Carole x

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