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Hi everyone,

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So sorry to trouble you all again, but how long after debulking surgery before you can have a bath. Sending everyone love and hugs. Sheenagh xx

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Double check with the onocology team or CNS, normally shower is encouraged more than a bath, was told on both ops can shower as long as wound is kept dry, 1st op had clamps, 2nd was dissolving stitches, both had dressings, encouraged within 24hrs to take shower and this was me asking the nurses at the Royal Marsden for my 2nd op.

As long as the dressing is waterproof etc all should be okay, again shower and not bath is what I had including when i returned from hospital, the procedure of clamps or dissolving stitches the latter was easier on the 2nd occasion, both my ops were completed by same surgeon bit at different hospitals, wish you well hope it all goes well for you.

Hi, showers are recommended as getting in and out if a bath would be difficult! I found just getting in and out of shower exhausting to start with! I had showers whilst stitches were in, I had staples. I would check with your nurse before attempting a bath and have someone nearby in case you need help. Your body will know.

I first had Avastin alongside my chemo then on its own for another 12 cycles. I felt a bit achey and tired and had a couple of nosebleeds (not particularly bad ones) but was able to live life normally (with naps when needed!) but was working at home then went back into the office when we were allowed too if we wanted. Just had to pace myself a bit at first.

Very best wishes and hope all goes well.


I didn’t have a bath until I’d had my post op check up and they were happy everything was healing/healed so the risk of infection had gone. Showers until then allowing soap to gently wash over and then hairdryer on low to make sure your wound is dry but not stressed by rubbing with the towel x

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Hi Yorkipudd,

I have just washed my incision with boiled cool water and let dry naturally then I have redressed it as I’m on antibiotics because it was weeping. Xx

I had a daily bath as we did not have a working shower at the time. I just had a very shallow bath which allowed me to keep the incision above the water line and just rinse it very gently with clean water. Not ideal perhaps, but that was what was available.

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