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Hi everyone

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I was just wondering after debulking surgery I am into my week 3 after surgery can you start doing light housework. I am doing light housework now. Don’t like leaving it all to my son. Also when should I take the dressings off my incision. Sending love and hugs Sheenagh

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I only did a bit of dusting after my op, only used a small kettle for boiling water,didnt lift anything remotely heavy at all. Didnt even change the duvet cover because of stretching etc, Dont use the hoover!Fortunately Im not a housework fan anyway !

I didnt have any dressings, I had stitches and glue.

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Hello Sheenagh,

Thank you very much for your post. I just wanted to message to encourage you to speak to your clinical team for advice about exercise and managing your dressings after your surgery. We have a booklet on surgery which included a section about recovering after surgery. I will leave a link to this here if you would like to take a look: ovacome.org.uk/surgery-for-...

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like any further information.

Best wishes,


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HiIt is still very early days for you after surgery so you still need to be doing very little about the house.Especially no heavy lifting yet.A little tidying maybe,dusting but definitely no hoovering! I would call your gp or nurse to ask about your dressings,I would have thought they would be able to come off by now.

Sheenagh, Do you mean the dressing? or the stitches?

My dressing was removed on the 2nd day of the operation. The stitches after 5 weeks. Contact your GP to see if they can remove the stitches. If they cannot, you need to let your team know so to organise something for you.

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I had staples that were removed on Monday bit of my incision is weepy down the bottom. I have just come back from GP practice they have cleaned it, but fresh dressings on but have given me antibiotics and taken a swab. Love and hugs Sheenagh

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I also had the same thing. The surgeon poked it so to increase the flow, gave me antibiotics and I was told to replace the dressing each time it needs to and to gently wash it when I have my shower. I hope this will resolve very soon. Take care x

My stitches were completely dissolvable, are yours ?

You probably so light housework, just remember not to overdo it though, as for dressing should get that taken off by GP or oncologist team as they will examine the wound for any possible infections...all the best on your route to recovery.

Ask the nurse who should be doing w dressing

I am at the same point in post debulking surgery. I had stitches and glue though. I’ve found that I can “feel” when an activity is too much. I did too much yesterday and I’m sore today... it must really take time.

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Hi SGC2021

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3/4 around the same time as you 4 chemotherapy then surgery and another 2 rounds of chemotherapy. Sending you love and hugs. Sheenagh

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Wow, such a similar schedule! My surgery was 9/14. Chemo starts 10/20. 4 rounds. I’m struggling with having to go through 4 sessions. But I think some of my blues comes from the extensive surgery and losing my ovaries. Sending you encouragement and strength! 🌺

Hi sheenagh, l would say ask your team they know whats best, l personally did do things but only because l was feeling up too it. But great that your feeling well enough just get the right advice. Your insides have to heal and you can't see that. Take care your through the worse by the sounds of it. Sending love & hugs 🤗 SheilaFxxx

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Hi Realistic,

I think I over done it yesterday. I’m feeling tired today so taking it easy. I am not used to doing nothing. Before I was diagnosed with this disease I would do my shift at the hospital rush home and do everything in the house go to town now I’m sat doing nothing so hard to get used to. Sending you love and hugs Sheenagh

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