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Update …… Good News

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Well last week I had my bloods and telephone appointment check up and my ca125 is holding at 11, where it’s been since my last chemo in November 2017.

It has been a bit of a bumpy ride, lots of bowel issues, but I am so grateful to still be here after being diagnosed in may 2017 with peritoneal cancer stage 3b hgs . My ca125 at diagnosis was almost 1300.

I hope that any newly diagnosed or members who have just finished treatment will get hope from this. I haven’t done anything different just been incredibly lucky and had a brilliant team at the Royal Surrey.

I find it hard to post and I know that many members have not been so fortunate but I am sure there are many of us out there who find it difficult to post this news when others are clearly going through tough times.

I wish the best to everyone and hope that this gives positive news to others ❤️❤️

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Great stuff Eriksendi…keep up the good work!!

It’s great to read your good news and am so happy you are doing well. I was diagnosed jan 2018 also stage 3b and still clear, all we can do is live our lives as best we can and appreciate each day. It seems you are doing just that and your photo is lovely!

I’m sure lots of recently diagnosed ladies on here take comfort from your good health and I hope your remission lasts forever 💖

Liz Xx

Great news! Lovely pic, you look so well x keep up the good work!

Fantastic, I love good news, long may it continue, your looking fabulous ❤️

Lovely news, it’s brilliant to hear 🤗xxx

It is so important that ladies who are doing well keep posting their good news! Thank you!

Absolutely brilliant news, we all love to hear good news. My story is similar to you had my debluking op in Oct 17 then chemo in 2019 l am grade 3 serious ovarian cancer but have been in remission since and like you apart from some bowel issues lve been fine.l dont have to go to Christie's till next Feb wow. But for my own peace of mind l have asked my GP to do my CA125 in between he's glady obliged had it done Tuesday fingers crossed as per usual.So it is good to put positive posts on here.

Love to you all SheilaFxxx

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Eriksendi in reply to Realistic

So glad to hear you are doing well too. Sadly I have no support from my local surgery and struggle to even get an appointment so rely on the hospital team.

That's brilliant news! Long may it last xx

Absolutely brilliant news!! Long may it continue. Lots of love and good wishes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amazing news! Great photo, keep up the good work 💪💖

Fantastic news and always uplifting to hear. Long may it continue! Xxxxx

Like everyone, I am always very anxious with every ache and pain, blood test and scan. I think it comes with this horrible disease but certainly living life to the full x x

It’s so good to hear your positive and great news. I too have peritoneal cancer and had it since 2018. I’ve just finished another 6 cycles of chemo as it keeps reoccurring! My ca125 has gone down to 10 again so fingered crossed I’m in remission a little longer this time. I have been reassured by the consultant that there are other treatments for the future which gives me hope and helps me remain positive.Enjoy life and make happy memories, I’m so pleased for you … Love Lesley xx

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Eriksendi in reply to Lesinbeds

I’m so glad your last treatment had worked and your ca 125 is back to 10. Let’s hope it stays there!!

Well done,keep up the good work. It is always great to hear good news.x

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Eriksendi in reply to Caleda4

Thank you x

Congratulations on your excellent news and thank you for sharing it with us together with your lovely photo. I too find it a tad difficult to post good news but it’s so important that we share the positives too. None of us find this disease an easy ride and the road is so often really bumpy but there are some smooth parts too.

Keep on doing what you’re doing ❤️Xx Jane

Thank you so much for posting.I have PPC too, diagnosed in 2019.

My mum died just 2 months after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2004 and having looked up the stats after my diagnosis I was horrified . It was a very dark time for me.

If only I'd known about this site and ladies like you then.

Anyway, fast forward and I'm currently taking Olaprib after first line chemo and feel very well.

The course finishes in January and naturally I'm very apprehensive about going solo but posts like yours really give me a boost and help keep me positive for the future.

Thanks again and all the very best to you.

Liz xx

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Eriksendi in reply to Jacky5

Wishing you all the best and fingers crossed it never comes back. I also had a very dark time at diagnosis, losing my mum 3 months after my diagnosis. She needed care and I couldn’t help. I had a very stressful job at the time but never went back. I am certain that stress contributed , not caused, my problems so I will not put myself in such a pressurised environment ever again.

Its great news to hear, never feel you shouldn't share it, it makes all of us feel part of your journey and inspires everyone to see there is hope and we are not just statistics. 🤗 x

Wonderful photo. You look so happy and relaxed. I’m so pleased for you and very glad that you shared your good news. You’ve certainly lifted my spirits!Best wishes from Louisiana,


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Eriksendi in reply to Sashay2020

I’m so glad as I was very nervous about posting but the whole point was to give hope and positivity to others x x

Hiya, like other ladies have said what great news! Thank you for sharing. Hearing good news from other members, whatever we are going through personally, gives us hope and inspiration. Long may your good health continue.


Great news.Thank you for sharing with us dear.You look very good.God Bless You.I had surgery in January 2020 than chemos .Recently because of rise of CA125 but still bellow 35 we did Pet scan and it showed some activity.Today I am seeing my doctor..I hope I'll have some good news ..All the best to you out there wonderfull strong ladies🙏😘

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Eriksendi in reply to GSML

I hope you also have good news today, please keep us updated. I had a rise in ca125 up to 29 , if I remember, and went into panic mode. Thankfully mine dropped back so I clearly had some kind of infection at the time. I also had a PET scan which showed lung activity but was treated with antibiotics and steroids and it hasn’t reared it’s head again yet. Fingers crossed for you too x x

Please know that it is ALWAYS OK to post good news - it gives encouragement to others! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Amazing!! Please keep it up 🙏🏽

Posts such as these are very up lifting. Please don't hesitate to post good news. It brings us all a little hope and smiles. We are all in this together at every level. It's good to see that there are people out there that the good Lord has spared. Use your gifts well and your rewards will come. I'm hoping for remission myself and this post just affirms that it is possible. Thank you


I love the photo and I’m happy to read of someone who is doing well, thank you for posting, Eriksendi.


it's always so good to hear these stories. Thank you for posting your positive news. Hope is so important to us all and these types of posts lift us. Thank you. xx

Wonderful news! So happy for you! Donna

Congratulations! As others say, it’s great to hear good news; it gives us hope—especially newly diagnosed people. I hope you are truly cured! Xx

Great news !! Never be worried about sharing good news xx

Its great to hear good news . Gives us hope too. X

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