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Hi all, I am having my surgery on on the 22nd of this month. I have been told that my CT scan has shown a complete resolution of ascites, decrease in the omental nodularity as well as the adnexal mass and also decreased right pleural effusion and a confirmed good response to chemotherapy. This is good isn’t it? Lots of love and hugs Sheenagh

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It sounds wonderful. You have obviously responded well and I hope the operation is a massive success. (Wish mine had been caught early enough to allow an operation.) Please let us all know how things go. Best wishes, love and hugs x


My ovarian cancer is stage 3 borderline 4. I hope you are well. Sending you hugs. X

Hello sheenagh,

This is really good news, your body has responded well to the chemotherapy. Wishing you well with your surgery.

Nus x

Great stuff Sheenagh, sounds like it’s all going in the right direction xx

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SEckett in reply to Lyndy

Hi Lundy,

Thank you. Hope you are well. Lots of love and hugs Sheenagh

Funny thing….I had the exact same before my surgery….reduction of omentum mass/pleural effusion disappeared/ they could see “no” cancer on my CT scan and got me in for surgery…ironically on the 22nd of June 😂. This is very good for you!!!

My pathology results after surgery showed complete or near complete response to chemotherapy…. I’m wishing you the same results.


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SEckett in reply to Tigger91835

Hi Tigger,

How strange! 😂hopefully I will have the same outcome as you. Sending you love and hugs. Sheenagh

Hello Sheenagh. This is a good response to the chemo and great news. I hope the surgery wipes the rest out. Good luck. Sending lots of hugs. Jackie.

Great news, good luck with the surgery.

That's great news that you can have surgery so that's positive. Even though I dont know what all that means about the shrinkage? I had 6 cycles before I could have surgery. It's a big operation just take time to recovery. X

hi, it sounds really good! I hope your surgery goes well, take it easy, listen to your body and be kind to yourself and before you know where you are you will be on the road to recovery. Big hug, Kathy xx

That all sounds very good for you . Good luck with the surgery. The thought of it was much worse than the actual thing .sending positive thoughts and love .

Fantastic news! Keep on going Girl! You are doing so well! Big Koala hugs from Down Under!🐨🐨🐨🦋

What a great boost for you. I'm really pleased you've had that wonderful news.Hope your surgery goes very smoothly and you have a speedy recovery..

Liz xx

Go Sheenagh!! Great news and best wishes for the surgery. Can I ask how many rounds of chemo you had please? I have 2 more to go before a decision on surgery and I hope my response is as good as yours. Stay strong and well xx

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SEckett in reply to Morini

Hi MoriniI had 4 round of chemotherapy. I hope you get a great response to. Sending you love and hugs Sheenagh

Hi Sheenagh, it's great news that you have responded so well to the chemo. I had my surgery first & the chemo after. I want to wish you all the best with the surgery now. It will take time to recover from the surgery, just take every day as it comes, don't push yourself too hard & you will get there. Lots of Hugs Xx Mag 💐

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SEckett in reply to Tulips66

Hi Tulip,Thank you to everyone for there support and kind words. Have you been told how long your life expectancy is? Sorry for being morbid. Sending you love and hugs Sheenagh. Xx

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Tulips66 in reply to SEckett

No I haven't asked & won't be asking but that's my choice & everyone is different . I was diagnosed stage 3c just before my 53rd birthday in 2019 & will do everything possible to stay around for my two daughters & husband. Don't get me wrong it's been a hard 2yrs & sometimes I worry, but then I park the negative thoughts & get on with life. That's how I get through this dreadful disease but other ladies might have different ways of dealing with it. All the best & when your feeling stronger after the surgery let me know how your doing X

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SEckett in reply to Tulips66

That’s s fantastic way of dealing with it. Will let you know how I am. Xx

Excellent. Carry on hugs from paris

Great news

Great news! I was stage 4 and 73 at the time. I will be 75 in November. The internet says that women over 65 don’t do as well. I try and not worry about statistics, because everyone is different. Hope things keep going well for you. Sending a hug from the U.S. Donna


Thank you. Hope everything is well with you. Sending you lots of love. Sheenagh

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