Hi all,

I was just wandering if anyone else still had minor bleeding post five weeks after full debulking surgery, it's not bad but still need to wear a pad.

Also how long it was before you could get back to having a waistband near your scar, as I am still finding it very uncomfortable even though scar looks healthy enough.

I thought at first imaybe the issue was resuming the dreaded chemo. All responses greatly appreciated, as I am starting to let it get on my mind.

Ellsey xx

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  • Hi i had light bleeding after surgery i was told it was sort of like a last monthly period but it cleared up after about 4 to 5 days they said it was just the waste bloods .. hope you feel ok soon.... sending you hugs xxx

  • Hi I stopped bleeding at 9 weeks post op.

    And still not keen on waists bands at 11 weeks !! Have taken to buying maxi dresses off eBay!

    I did wear leggings yesterday but found them uncomfortable. Can't wait to get back into normal clothes. And smaller knickers !!

  • I can't speak for the bleeding as mine only lasted a few days, but it's been 6 weeks since my op and I've only just started wearing normal waistband trousers (and even then, only my slightly larger ones). I found there to be a lot of puffiness/swelling which has more or less subsided and at the same time any discomfort from the waistband pressing on my scar has decreased. I've used it as an excuse to live in dresses, which I almost never do!

  • I agree I wore a pair of jeans for the first time 10 weeks after my op. I did a happy dance. I only bleed a very small amount for a couple of days but then a little bit more about week 7 but not much.

  • HI Ellsey, I had no bleeding post surgery but I was post menopausal. However it was a question the gynae onc always asked when I had a check up. As regards the scar, yes it is tender at the beginning. I wore tracksuit ends or loose crop pants to take the pressure off. I also got into wearing little camisoles from the underwear section as I felt they gave me protection and also hid the scar underneath tee shirts etc. Perhaps elasticated slacks or skirt is the way to go for the moment. Also have shoes or sketchers so you dont have to bend over to tie laces. Hope that helps a bit

  • Love the camisole idea Suzuki

  • Also recommend the cami top - very helpful extra protective layer.

  • I stopped bleeding after 3 or4 day but has a slight show a couple of weeks later but we are all different. Nearly 4 years later I still can't wear anything with a zip at the front so I wear jeggings . I think part of my problem is because I had key hole surgery for gallbladder removal a few years previously and I was cut both sides of my bellybutton so have been tender since. Kittie

  • Thanks Kittie

    I can't bear anything near my scar yet.

    Ellsey x

  • I had no bleeding at all but nearly 8 weeks post op I've been wearing loose cotton summer trousers or loose dresses. I could not bear anything tight on the scar yet. Even if the elastic waistband tools over a bit and digs in its painful. I can't imagine jeans for a while. The used the camisole idea when susuki recommended it to me earlier and it's great x good luck Tracey

  • Thanks Gleedy

    I tried to put my normal underwear on today but was very painful.

    Ellsey x

  • Gleedy

    Sorry can you tell me what the camisole idea.

    Ellsey xx

  • Maus has answered perfectly x

  • I bought a bunch of camisols too, to have a layer between the scar and the trouserband. First time in my life that I was wearing undershirts, after my mom had been saying for years that I should, lol.

    /edit camisoles are nice lightweight undershirts

  • You can buy them in Primark or M and S or Dunnes here in Ireland. I found them very good I still wear them although my vertical scar has faded, I just feel more confident as if people arent looking not that they probably never did anyway. I am afraid ladies I am long past the frillies

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