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Increased hair growth, cancer or surgery symptom?

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Hello all

I’m 7 weeks into my surgery for ovarian cancer, removing my womb, ovaries, omentum and some lymph glands etc, I’m sure many of you can articulate it better than I.

I’ve noticed on my arms, legs and head an increase in hair growth, has anyone else found this and could be as a result of surgery or pain relief or that the tumour has been removed?

Hope that’s not a silly question or observation

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I didn't notice any more hair growth after undergoing the operation for tumour removal and full hysterectomy etc .. you may want to mention it to your oncologist or CNS nurse it may be more of a hormone related issue that is or has occurred. Wish you luck and no question or observation is ever silly don't be afraid to ask.

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Good idea Thankyou, I hadn’t considered hormones as I hit menopause a few years ago

I can't say I noticed any difference really but all my body hair disappeared 8 weeks after surgery with the chemo. I do recall some people on here saying that they did notice an increase but it eventually disappeared. Please do mention this to your oncologist or CNS if you are at all concerned.

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Thankyou, I will mention it

Hi, I am wondering if it is not perhaps because all the hair is growing at the same time rather than what we usually have -more uneven and spread growth? I also had quite a bit more hair but then it settled

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Thanks for sharing

No subject is ever considered silly here, we discuss some quite bizarre topics as well as our OC.

I developed a growth of dark coarse hairs on my chin and the hair on my legs and arms seemingly thickened. My surgeon and oncologist said it was due to the removal of my ovaries and residual oestrogen. It settled down in time. Just another joy from this disease 😂.

Take care and stay safe lovely ❤️Xx Jane

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Catfeeder in reply to Cropcrop

That makes sense actually, ThankyouYou too, Karen x

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Mumsie13 in reply to Cropcrop

That's sounds like a very reasonable explanation. Ditto the chin hairs😑 not so bad now.

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Yup I have those and on my belly too! Noticed them growing around my scar and definitely not there pre surgery

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TeddyC in reply to Catfeeder

I’ve just noticed this in the last few days, I’m still dealing with an open wound, my surgery was in April, but on the bits that have healed I’ve noticed hair growing and they definitely weren’t there before.

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Hope your open wound heals soon

Like others have said, after my hair fell out from chemo, it returned all at once and very course. I had stubble immediately after shaving my legs. It eventually returned to normal.

Thankyou for sharingTake care

I can totally relate to this!! I had all 6 rounds of chemo prior to my surgery in June 2021. Prior to all this, I was post menopausal for over a year.

I grew back more hair than I had ever had after surgery…and had soooo much white peach fuzz on my stomach around my incision site and on face (I was preparing to play Santa Claus with a full beard by Christmas 😂).

I have to say, this was a different kind of hair though. I have always waxed my legs and bikini areas myself with no hesitations whatsoever. But when I waxed this peach fuzz off my face…. It was the MOST painful experience ever! I have never experienced pain like that from such a minor thing😳.

I am assuming that the excess hair was from the change in hormones (even being post menopausal, we still produce some estrogen until your ovaries are removed).

So far, I have not had the facial hair grow back since I waxed it off 3+ weeks ago👍 And hoping it stays this way. 😜

WOW, always good to find others have experienced the sameThanks, Karen

Hi I'm 8 weeks after major surgery and have hair on my face now that I never had before . It's fine white hair. I was going to get it waxed but after reading how painful it was I might not.

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Catfeeder in reply to Sookido

Hi Sookido, some of the other replies seems to indicate it does go, so maybe hold off trying to get rid of just yet? I am not really going anywhere so an extra layer of mostly fair hair will stay on me and hopefully will go back to its normal growth Thanks for replying

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Sookido in reply to Catfeeder

Great advice thank you x


Once I had finished chemo I ended up with very hairy cheeks, but as time went on they grew back as normal fine hair. I also had a few very long thick black hairs among the normal regrowth on my arms. Again they didn't come back after I yanked them out! The hair on my head was normal in texture, though has grown curly and much thicker. x

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Catfeeder in reply to LesleyGB

I haven’t had any chemo yet but am expecting some hair changes in a few weeks when I do Stay safe and well

Thanks for replying

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LesleyGB in reply to Catfeeder

My hair all fell out quickly after Carbo/Taxol - I loved being bald but it cost me a lot as I kept buying more and bigger earrings!

Hope it all goes well for you - I found the chemo really easy so fingers crossed the same applies to you. Take it you are a cat lover? Snap!


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Hi, don’t have pierced ears so I won’t get that challenge 😉

Yes cat lover and my girls sometimes refer to me as the cat feeder or Twinkles slave, as she is the most needy 😻

Thankyou for your thought re chemo


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