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Hair growth on chemo

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I’ve got one more treatment to go and I’ve had 5 already, my hair almost all fell out 2 weeks after the first one. After it really started to come out I had it clipped on a number 1. But my hair is growing now, it’s about half an inch all over and my eyebrows seem to be coming back as well. Has anyone else experienced this, I’m not complaining, just curious.

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Yes I lost all my hair about 10 days after 1st treatment. I had my hair cut short and then the night before it fell out it really itched and felt strange. The following morning all my hair came out in handfuls. I think sometimes the hair starts to grow back between treatments My eyebrows and lashes came back quickly and then started regrowing after last treatment,although there were signs of growth before the end of chemo. I guess everyone is slightly different. Onwards and upwards.

Dear Flower,

Bizarrely, all my hair fell out after three weeks, but it left a soft fuzz in my scalp, so my head wasn’t entirely naked, UNTIL the last treatment, when it all totally disappeared and all I had was skin.

Fortunately, I had a good wig to get me through the next 4 months, when my new curls came in.

Good luck to you in this.


yes, my hair is growing like yours. It is tiny little straight spikes all over my scalp. I had my hair shaved at the hairdresser. I will be getting my 6th chemo next week. A long time ago my mother told me I was born with little standing spikes of golden hair on my scalp but sadly I lost the cute baby appeal many years ago and this new look makes me look like an old coconut! However I am glad to be here, hair or no hair, so I am curious to see how it develops. I hope you will be happy with yours, please keep us posted if it continues to grow.


Pat x

Hi Flower,

Mine took until 2 weeks after treatments had finished before it started to grow; both times. After 2nd line it came through curly! I’ve never had curly hair before, it’s great! 😁👍

I lost all my hair , shaved head, had about 1/4 inch, it never completely went bald had stubble. But you could see my head it was very thin. , about 6 months after chemo, my hair started growing at a normal rate. Prior was growing but very slow. My friends a hair dresser, she died it came in a dark grey. As it for longer she painted blonde on the tips. Helped me look more like me. Best regards, Liz❤❤

Hi, like you my hair started growing at a right old rate! I even treated myself to some gel 😂 After my 6th Chemotherapy my hair fell out again.

I had 4 sessions of chemotherapy then surgery, followed by 2 more sessions of chemotherapy.

I now have a lovely range of summer hats, to go with my bobble hats!

All the very best xxxx

Hello Flower. My hair fell out in clumps after 1st cycle of Carboplatin and Paclitaxal so my friend shaved it on number one. It was so strange seeing myself bald. I wore scarves as I hate wigs. Eventually and slowly, my hair grew back after chemo, surgery then 2 more chemo cycles. It has grown in completely grey, silver grey and is so Baby soft with masses of little curls.

I love my chemo hair. Its lovely and much thicker than it used to be. Enjoy your hair!! Xx

Dear Flower . Interesting all the different experiences ! I had the cold cap for 5 months and felt I should have been awarded the Croix de Guerre for stoicism , ending with a lot of hair though lost about half, then I got pneumonia ! Aaah! Guess what / all my hair having finished chemo ( !!) then fell out . I now have pathetic wisps. , and grey soft stubble . It’s not growing or I can’t see any growth. Itchy scalp means wigs are deadly but flattering; now I wear scarves tied bandeau style and the other night at an art exhibition was asked if I was the artist as it apparently looked v “ bohemian”. I explained I can’t draw a stick person and it was covering my post chemo bald ness.. if I’m honest I’d say I’m really cross to have endured scalp freezing for months then after chemo finished, and pneumonia followed a simple cold / bingo it’s all fallen out! All best wishes to you flower ..x


Hi there,

The hair on my head didn't fall out because I used the cold cap but the rest of me was naked. I got curly hair on my legs quite quickly after chemo which fell out and then I didn't get any hair on my legs for months and only have the odd hair now. My eyelashes and eyebrows have grown back but not evenly. I rarely get hair under my arms. This is five years on.

I don't know if this is down to age but I had hair before chemo.

Best wishes, Zena xx

Hi there, that was not my experience but my friend's hair started to grow back before the end of treatment. All different. Hope you are ok. X

I’ve got grey fur on my head and am still rocking the lizard look (no eyebrows) 2 months after chemo finished. I had to tweeze a chin hair yesterday!! Top of my head looks a bit shiny under the fur and I do wonder whether my toes hairs will return! Arm pits are hirsute but legs not so much. It’s all a bit strange. Could be that letrozole is keeping hair thin on the top of my head . Every day somethings different! Xx!

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