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No hair growth!

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I finished Carbo/Caely x early January, and started Rucaparib about right weeks after. My hair was extremely thin after the chemo and I have been hoping that it would now start to sprout again. Nothing! Had anyone else experienced this when on a PARP?


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I finished chemo February too ,my hair started to grow, prickly to start then soft covering stage , since starting Rucaparib it seems to have stopped, I'm hoping it's just slowed ,I'm sick of having no hair , hope yours takes off .x

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It's really not fair is it? Not only do I have to stay out of the sun, but have to contend with my shiny pink scalp sparsely covered with hair. I was counting on a covering of bristles.


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Just one more degregation to endure ,😄 keep smiling .x

I’ve also been on a PARP, Olaparib. Just finished 2 years of it after first line chemo and I have to tell you ladies I still have no hair.

Mine started to grow after IV chemo finished and fell back out as soon as I started A PARP.

Finished parp 8 weeks ago and first few prickles are starting to come through.

Sorry ladies, my oncologist said Parps are still relatively new and although hair loss isn’t listed as a problem there are quite a few of us whose hair didn’t grow whilst taking them.

The good news is that stage 3c HGSOC and after 2 years of Olaparib all scans are clear and ca125 is 4 so I’ll put up with a wig

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Shrek1609 thats wonderful news! I am 1 yr in on Olaparib after frontline, BRCA neg but tumour tested positive. Can I ask what is your BRCA status? Also, my hair has grown in quite well, thicker than my wispy locks prior. However, not a hint of any colour, pure grey, whereas before had a smattering of grey strands. Happy to have any hair of course!

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Hi hun I’m brca1

This sounds like good news and not so good. As I’ve said to Jenny earlier, I’m getting used to the simplicity of wearing a different wig each day and not having to worry about rain or shine. I’m away at Center Parcs in Nottinghamshire and just enjoying the freedom. I hope you find some way of enjoying your clear scans and incredibly low CA 125.

Love from Angela x

I m hoping mine will start to grow when Ive finished next two lots of caelyx. Ive definitely got a friar tuck thing going on. Never thought that the PARP might stop regrowth!

Hi Jenny, my hair is just beginning to grow after finishing Taxol (or almost finishing Taxol) that’s 2 months ago. I’m beginning to get used to simplicity of wearing wigs. I’m away at Center Parcs, Nottinghamshire for for a few days and brought 6 wigs with me. It’s wonderful not having to worry about rain or shine. I have a feeling my hair will never be the same again. In fact I now look like a badger. Platinum blonde sides and a grey streak down the middle. Not sure I’m going to like that but hey! ho! I’m still here. I’m older than most of you Healthunlockers so it must be so much more difficult but hang on in there, better days to come. My profile picture is only about 2 years old and I feel I’ve lost everything but my life. I still haven’t lost the will to live though. Thank God! All the best Jenny

Love from Angela xx

I'm not on PARPS but I did finish carbo/caelyx end of November last year. I was warned the treatment might thin my hair a bit and I think it did. It's not sparse or anything - not too bad but I know it's thinner. Thing is it might not be the PARP at all as I am not on them and my hair still remains thinner. Of course it could be the shed load of other medication I am on at the moment, so who knows. Jackie

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