Facial hair growth post chemo

Hello all......I hope everyone is doing well. I'm about 11 weeks after my last chemo....taxol and carboplatin...I have a pretty good fuzz on my head, and I am back to shaving my legs and underarms. That's all good, but my husband noticed quite a bit of facial hair when the light was just right on my face! I never had this before the chemo. It's the same color as the hair on my head (white), so it's not too noticeable, but it was so long, I actually took a scissor and cut as much off as I could see! Has anyone else experienced this? I do so want my hair back, but not on my face!

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  • hmm, I definitely noticed a more obvious facial down when my hair/pelt grew back in post carbo/taxol, but not to the extent I had to take scissors to it.

  • Thank you, moominkat. I've gotten lots of replies. I guess we're not alone!

  • My mum had this too - very long pale hair on her cheeks. The beautician told her it was too long to wax or thread so we got a facial hair/eyebrow trimmer from Amazon and trimmed it right down. That was a few months ago and hit hasn't returned to any great extent! Hope you're feeling good otherwise! Nicole x

  • Hi nicstoj....I've seen a few referrals regarding Threading. What is that? I think most of you beautiful ladies on this forum are in the UK....just some little expressions, and the way some words are spelled! Cancer is cancer no matter where we are, though. I am feeling good otherwise. I'd take the fuzzy face any day in exchange for a few more years! Here's hoping.....

  • Forgot to wish your Mom well, too! A prayer going out to her now...

  • I too have this problem around my chin area & it drives me mad. Some are white whilst others come through dark.

    I either tweezer them out or I have this skin abrasion gadget that I bought -one for legs & other for face. You gently rub around the area in circular motion but not more than 3 times on your face or you have a carpet burn like mark on your face, lol.

    I doubt now I could have it removed professionally as the roots would have moved slightly for electronosis to be effective.

    It comes with age & also if you have had your ovaries removed but can also be a side effect from chemo as it kick starts anything that comes with older age like rheumatism, arthritis & tiredness. It's all about taking the good times & days & enjoying them & on the bad days say' tomorrow will be a better day' & it always is.

    Cher x

  • Thank you, Cher. I do appreciate every day, like you. We have to keep a positive attitude. Will try your gadget. Stay well.......Judy

  • I used I facial hair removal cream for sensitive skin,only had to use once and the job was done,use a good moisturiser afterwards as skin is a little dry x

  • Thank you,honiton. Hope you're doing well.

  • I also had last year post taxol/carbo. It seems to have gone during my latest bout of chemo. Now this has finished I will wait for the regrowth and try the facial hair removal cream and hope it gets rid of it once and for all.x

  • Thank you, EnaC......I wish you the best....

  • I also has this , monkey face I called it! To be honest I shaved it all off......I just put lots of my husbands shaving gel over my face and did it with the razor I use on my legs.

    No problem at all my skin was lovely and smooth afterwards . In fact a few months ago there was an article in the Daily mail about some ladies that do it all the time......

  • Hi Gina.....does the hair continue to grow back after shaving....like on our legs and underarms? I remember back many years ago, my father caught me shaving my legs (I was around 13). He said, "You'll have tree trunks growing on your legs by the time you're 16"! Well, I never did get the tree trunks, but the hair did grow back thicker! Hope you're doing well. I like your sense of humor.....monkey face.....lol.

  • I had this after chemo they call it monkey fur but it does go don't worry about it. Everyone has down on their faces.

    Love Sue

  • Hi Sue....yes, I always did have a little fuzz, but this is ridiculous! Oh, well. Such a small thing to worry about in comparison. I'll get rid of it. Hope you're doing well.

  • Yes. There was a funny thread about this on here not so long ago. I used a facial hair remover twice before it stopped growing back. It's amazing how long it gets!

  • Yes, I was appalled when I saw it. My husband and I had a good laugh...what else can we do? Hope you're doing well.

  • I have it also,thank god I'm not the only one.Its great to have a forum like this ,at least you know your not on your own.We're renewing our vows in 4 weeks time and I was panicking that I might look like the guy who won the Eurovision a few yrs ago.A beautiful dress and a nice beard.Im making an appointment today for waxing,see how it goes.xx

  • Annie - had to laugh when I saw your post, Having seen your photo; you certainly do not have to worry about the beard.xxxx


  • Thanks for the compliment ha ha,aww Daisies that photo was taken 2yrs ago,treatment since last Sept,insomnia and stress is not reflecting back to me from my mirror,In other words "wrinkles" .You'll see the real me on Saturday if your going to coffee morning,I'll be the one carrying luggage under my eyes and an escalator to my chin ha ha x x

  • I remember that guy on Eurovision! Good we can laugh about these things! I wish you and your husband the very best. I'm sure you'll be beautiful!

  • Hi, I had exactly the same, lots of fluffy white hair, I just used a little trimmer my son uses for his beard, that done the trick:) it never came back, neither did my underarm hair, not complaining about that though! My eyebrows grew back but are very fine, lashes grew back lovely.

    The things we go through!

    Take Care

    Andrea x

  • I may do that.My eyebrows are growing back in a very weird way....very dark and thick near the bridge of my nose, and sparse wire like hairs toward the tail. I've gotten good with the eyebrow pencil. Had to go on youtube to learn how to do it as I never had to use it before. Thank goodness for this forum and youtube! Hope you continue to do well.

  • I've not had chemo yet but at 63 get a peach fuzz, some hairs a bit longer, also 2 or three whiskers (nice), but I use an epilator to pluck them out. I have thought about Threading but not tried this yet. My friend has her eyebrows and face done (Threaded) and always looks good. I guess its whether you can be bothered to go somewhere to have it done. (Also the cost). Oh almost forgot the one hair that grows on my forhead just over one eyebrow. Sometimes ive missed it (eyesight not like it used to be) and it grows quite long.Have got a good light now and magnifying mirror lol.


    Aemi x

  • Thank you, Aemi.......I hope you do well. Thank you for the note.....so glad you got a good mirror and light. We all need that!

  • Yes I remember having a soft downy face and wondered was I heading for the wildlife park. So visited Boots and got the cream for sensitive skin. I think I had to do it again a few weeks later and guess what happened my eyebrows decided to fall out, they hadnt fallen out already. But it sorted itself,

  • It's a shock when the eyebrows fall out. I hadn't realized that I lost my brows and lashes and wondered why my face looked different.....duh! Hope you're doing well.

  • I am doing ok I am on maintenance Avastin and on watch for two tummy lymph nodes which are behaving themselves at the moment. No great side effects maybe aches, tiredness and sinus problems

  • My doctor was thinking about putting me on Avastin after my chemo, but decided to "save" it for a later time if needed. I was diagnosed at Stage 4, so chances are I'll need more treatment at a later date. So far, so good, though!. Hope those nodes decide to disappear in your tummy. A prayer coming to you right now.

  • Oh yes, I was a real Billy the Goat a few months back. LOL someone here promptly called it the yellow cheeked gibbon - look. It was all over my cheeks, under my chin and even my upper lip. I had it waxed professionally and it never came back :)

  • Thank you, Nina.....may just try that if the old scissor trick fails me. Great attitude you have....good for you....good for us. Hope you continue to do well.

  • Hi. I know a lot of the other women have given good advice - I call it my peach fuzz face - and got really conscious of it . But, it is a brave husband/man who pointed it out - you must really love him xxx. Anyway, the hair does go and it is not as bad as we all think.I have warned my sisters & nieces to tell me when they see it. I don't like using hair removal creams (the chemicals & smell) yuuk!!!.

    Just use a gentle face scrub every week (i use Clinque 7 day scrub cream) and good moisturiser.

    Maybe we could begin a new trend??????

    Regards, Daisies xx

  • Hi Daisies.....Yes, I'm blessed with a wonderful husband. He even shaved my head for me when I started to lose it after chemo. I'll try the Clinque scrub. The way the world is going now, it wouldn't surprise me if we really could start a new trend, although, I think it probably wouldn't last long! Hope you continue to do well! Judy

  • Yes, I had this too. I remember thinking my face resembled a peach lol. Don't shave, cut at it or wax. Leave well alone, it will settle down soon. Ann xo

  • Thank you, Ann. My face is a very hairy peach! I'll keep an eye on it to see if it grows back after the haircut I gave it! Hope you're doing well. Judy

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