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Surgery for two spots on liver or chemo?

I was stage 2b and have recurred after 13 months on my liver - two small spots, one on the dome and one on the side. I asked my onc about surgery but he said no evidence etc, that chemo was any worse and wants to do carbo/caeylx. Recent evidence, however, suggests that surgery does, in fact, result in a better outcome. My question is how does one push for surgery or at least find out if the spots on the liver are resectable? Has anyone else gone down this route? Had this problem? How do you get a 2nd opinion and how long does this take?

I want to trust my onc but feel he is fobbing me off. I'm at a university hospital but the oncs are extremely busy and my next appointment - supposed to be the end of the month - hasn't even been scheduled yet. He's put me on Letrozole for the time being with the promise that he would let me know if I was highly sensitive enough for it to work but hasn't got back to me. I feel like after an initially good prognosis he has somewhat given up. Time is ticking and I don't what to do. . .

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Hi Lily and yes I had something similar - when I recurred the first time it was one spot on the liver which was confirmed on a PET scan. I trusted my onc and went down the caelyx route with a view to surgery afterwards but my CT on completion showed the lesion had resolved so surgery not needed.

I recurred on a different part of the liver 6 months later and am currently on 4th line treatment for abdominal lymph nodes etc. I've often pondered on whether things would have been different if I'd had surgery when disease was confined and manageable but I try not to focus too much on the past and what ifs.

I trust my team and am fully aware that without their expertise I wouldn't be here but sometimes I can't help but feel that they're not infallible and would a 2nd opinion have been the right way to go? Who knows?

I guess trust with your gut instincts - I always find that a good yardstick!

Much love 💖💖



I was due to have surgery as out is better than in. However it's no longer an option because of liver involvement. I'm going for a second opinion so maybe that's your best option too



I'm no expert in this area, but I think that there is a difference between ON the liver as opposed to IN the liver. OvCa cells spread around the pelvis/abdomen and can settle on the surfaces of other organs. I had a 9mm lesion on the liver which cleared up after a course of gem/carbo. Surgery was not an option as there was too much spread across the pelvis (which also cleared up after chemo).

However, you might have a case for surgery because your recurrence is localised. Now is the time to ask that question. I would not concern yourself AT ALL with how busy the doctor is. If I was in your position, I know that I would go back to the clinic and ask for a follow-up consultation ASAP because I did not feel that the last one adequately explained my current situation and treatment options.

In the end, the treatment might end up being the same. The difference is that you will be able to proceed with greater acceptance.


That's probably a very good point raised - both my recurrences were on the liver and not in which they said was a better outcome! ?!?

Who knows xx

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Thanks all. Will call the CNS tomorrow and try and get the appointment sorted out. Best wishes to all and our poor livers. . .


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