Hair growth!!

Hey ladies!

As was expected my hair started falling out at about day 14 after first Chemo so got it shaved off! I am now going in to day 10 of 3rd cycle and dya know what it looks like I have some new hair growth!! Now it's nothing spectacular and I am still bald but have others experienced this? ? I am guessing that if I hadn't shaved it all off it would have been patchy and I had fine hair anyway so would have looked terrible but I was expecting my head to be totally hairless at this stage? ??

Hope you are all well!!


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  • HI D,

    I had mine cut from a thick bob to a short pixie before my first chemo. Alas it still kept shedding so by day 21 I had a crew cut. One week after second chemo I still have 'fuzz' which is quite even and helps to anchor the wig in place. No doubt it will all come out over the coming months though. Everyone is different. Oh and my eyebrows have definitely thinned.. :(


  • Well that is round the time that mine started growing back during the 5 week break from chemo during my pre and after op, until the chemo kicked in again after cycle 4 and then is started falling out again along with eyebrows and eye lashes (on the top eye lid - I only realised when I went to apply mascara). But about 4 weeks after chemo things have started growing again. My eyebrows are pretty much back and ever morning I wake up my hair is thicker. I now have an all over covering of hair on my head. After months of not shaving, bodily hair is also making a comeback.

  • Hi D

    I kept my hair as I had the cold cap but my eyebrows and eyelashes have fallen out more since finishing chemo - I have read somewhere that they grow in cycles.

  • Hi I have had a similar experience.

    My hair has come and gone throughout my treatment. Never been totally shiny bald. At some stages it has been a bit short and spiky like a gooseberry or kiwi fruit. Currently I am starting to see new dark hairs appearing through the white fuzz, which is showing a distinct curl. I am tepted to have the clippers out to neaten it up as it looks like a fluffy chick at the moment. Off to Glasgow this weekend to the motorhome show and want to look my best. Lolxx .

    Every day is a new revelation of some sort.

    Happy Hair Day 💙. Lx

  • When starting on treatment, I did cut my hair very short and when hair began to shed, I organised a wig and got it all shaved. That way I felt like I got there before the chemo. My hair didnt start growing until I finished treatment and it took about four to five months and I had a head of curls. My facial hair was first to return, I thought I was a monkey so I dealt with that. My curls were growing and then my eyelashes and eyebrows disappeared. They too replenished in time.

  • I shaved all my hair off(my son did) and it was the best thing I ever did, it has grown back thicker and stronger and I don't dye anymore so it it white with a bit of blonde and I have had it cut 3 times into a pixie cut.

    I finished chemo last March and found the confidence to go without a wig last August the 1st.

    Lost all my hair and my eyebrows and eyelashes have not recovered but I can live with that.I wasn't too worried about my hair going as it was falling out with the stress anyway,it wasn't worth saving.

    I was like you never totally bald so that is just a plus, sounds like you are coping well and I wish you all the best,

    Carole xx

  • I have stubble 3 weeks after shaving my head 😉 The hair is my natural color ... Totally white. Hopefully I will have a decent amount of hair when my son marries in October bug if not there are turbans and scarves and wigs to do the honours😄. Take care.

  • I shaved my head after a week of it shedding all over the place 2 weeks to the day after I started 1st cycle carbo/taxol. I had a bit of a stubble next several months but was essentially bald. Also developed an uncomfortable scalp folliculitis which despite prescription salves never went away. Then between 4 and 5 th chemistry hair began sprouting again on head while eyebrows eyelashes totally fell out. The whole thing was weird and rather disconcerting. I will say when it grew back in I absolutely loved it as it was thick and curly and no maintenance. Alas that benefit did not last long and I am back to straight mousy hair but have decided to keep it short. Decided life is too short to be fussing with it the way I used to when it was long BC.

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