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Some Positive News

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I joined this group in Jan after a devastating Stage 4 OC diagnosis in Dec. 7 rounds of chemo, an emergemcy op (that resulted in a stoma), debaulking surgery (and stoma reversal) and Covid since then. And right now - I am in REMISSION! The days and nights were often so dark, had it not been for those close to me, I would have seriously considered giving up - or worse! Often I couldnt find any reasons to be positive. So if anyone is new to this awful journey - there is good reason to have hope. The wonderful people on this forum testify to that. So whilst I know that its almost a dead cert it will be back, I can, at least now enjoy today - something that felt unfeasible 7 months ago. And for tbat I am thankful. And thankful for the doctors and nurses and the people who have responded to my cries for help on this forum xx

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❤️Most Awesome!!!❤️

I find it inspiring that you have seized the day, and can enjoy.

I practice self gratitude every day, do the small things that make me feel good, and also have found this forum to be informative and supportive.

I too was diagnosed stage 4 January 6/21, now done 6 cycles of chemo and followed by debulking surgery in late June. My oncologist & surgeon have not officially said “NED” or remission, but I feel that I am also at that point in this journey.

It is a blessing to see that we have a lot of similarities with our diagnosis and results, I am just running a month behind your schedule is all😂. I find comfort in knowing I am not alone on this journey.


AKA: ZENA - Warrior Princess


Wishing you lots of luck for that NED diagnosis. I am now on 3 weekly Avastin and Olaparib to give me a better chance. I am BRCA negative. Do you have any idea of whats next? Xxx

I have a CT scan on September and December (3&6 month marks from surgery date)…and if my next 2 weekly blood tests look good, I will likely go to monthly bloodwork for the Naraparib I am taking. It seems that they just want to monitor a person as remotely as possible, and it’s up to me to contact them if I have any side effects to meds or symptoms of reoccurrence.

To be honest, it freaks me out to have to report symptoms as I didn’t have any before for any amount of time. I had bloating and ascites buildup over the course of 3-5 days only… went to emergency from the rapid fluid buildup was all. 😳

Exavrly the same for me. No symptoms at all - went from running 13 miles in the hills to looking 9 months pregnant and in agony over the course of 5 days. Stay in touch and good luck xxxx

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Same no symptoms at all and the first sign was an exciating pain in my right side which I thought was my appendix! Then had a blood test to find out my CA125 was very high. This was in November 2020.

Just the most wonderful news. I hope it lasts a long, long time or better still for ever xxx

Thank you xxxxx

Great to hear you have come through this traumatic time & are now NED. Enjoy every day don’t think too far ahead, take each week as it comes, no one knows what the future holds. Cheers Iside x

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suzannebirch in reply to Iside

Good advice thank you xxx

Well done to get through all this. It is a horrid disease but posts like yours give hope to others. All best wishes for a long and healthy future x

That’s brilliant news!

Such good news!!!

Wonderful news and your post helps others to stay positive. Enjoy what's left of our summer. Much love xxx

Thank you xxx

Congratulations and thanks for the timely reminder as I head back to chemo. xxx

So sorry you have more chemo. Lots of luck xxx

Very happy to read such good news. 🌈

Wonderful news, hope you don't have any recurrence. Sue xx

Wow just fantastic, yes its absolutely devastating to be told you have OC but after de bulking op, chemo, lymph node removal, and 6 sessions of combo chemo l have been in remission for 2 years. And hopefully l will be here for a lot longer but my tip is try and forget your cancer and enjoy your life. I know when your going through treatment you can't its not easy but once through it. God bless you and long may your remission continue. Im hoping to go to Tenerife in Oct lve got everything crossedLove & hugs to everyone. SheilaFxxx

Thanks thats great advice. Hope you get to go away and have a great hol x

Really wonderful news Suzanna,I was also diagnosed Stage 4 HG a year ago metasised to lymphnodes and went through the chemo cycles then the debulking surgery and chemo after. My tumours tested BRCA somatic and qualified for Olaparib, started March this year.

Good luck with your remission. Enjoy life and live everyday with no regrets.

Keep us updated. Jas x

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suzannebirch in reply to Dubai18

Thank you x I start on Olaparib this week along with Avastin. I am BRCA negative. Hoping for very few side effects 🙏🙏

Congratulations I am so delighted for you! You mention that you are BRCA negative, but may I ask whether you have tested HRD positive? I understand that being HRD positive is a pathway to Avastin and Olaparib. Are you being treated in England ?

Yes i was HRD positive and being treated in Kent UK. Xx

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Long may that continue xxxxx

Fantastic news long may it continue to be so.

Fantastic news! Enjoy!

What a year and what good news. Thank you for posting, I am a few steps behind you on a similar journey which started 04/2021 and it helps me very much to stay strong and focused when I read positive outcomes and messages of hope. Wishing you all the best, have fun and enjoy life! xxx

Thanks for sharing your good news! Enjoy away and try not to worry about what if etc. xx


Wonderful news! I was stage four also and came through my chemos and major surgery alright, except for a bowel obstruction. I have been on Niraparib for 13 months now. Are they going to put you on a parp like this? Just wondering, Donna U.S.

On Avastin and Olaparib combo. X

Hope things go good for you, Donna xx

Thank you for sharing your good news. I hope you have a long and happy remission. --Lani

Thank you x

Congratulations and keep positive. Allow yourself to dream of a future. I had a similar journey but no surgery. I am, so far, 11 years in remission. So keep up the positive vibes, 😁🥰

11 yrs!! God I hope I have the same luck. Tbanks for sharing xxxx

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