Positive news

Had my scan results today. I am halfway thru chemo, operation in 2 weeks, then 3 more cycles of Carbo/Taxel/Avastin. I'd kinda written myself off, having been diagnosed with possible PPC, or maybe Ovarian 3c that has metastasised, who knows.......but the results were great! Everybody has said 'you've done better than we expected', and more than one of them used the words 'significantly reduced '! So most of my tumours have gone, and the operation will do the debulking thing, with the following chemo hopefully getting rid of any microscopic bits left.

Am now trying get my head round the idea that I may actually get rid of this foul disease - I have everything crossed! Celebrating with a glass of vino (gotta say, it tastes weird, lol)

cheers ladies

Penny xx

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  • Hi Penny Your post made me smile, so pleased for you! Sending you a big hug xx kathy

  • Yes things do taste weird after chemo don't they... Such fantastic news well deserved vino... Good luck with your op will keep my virtual fingers crossed for you and big hugs xx

  • Good luck with the op and a very positive outcome

    Best wishes xx

  • My second scan is next Friday - I'm a week behind you hoping for the cancer to have gone down so I can have the op too. On same chemo too. And totally with you on taste of stuff. Hope all goes well for you!

  • Never underestimate yourself, delighted all is going well for you, enjoy the vino

  • Oh Penny that's lovely! Good luck and crossing my fingers for you

    Carole xxx

  • Great news Penny!

    Have a lovely weekend now and enjoy the good feelings!


  • Penny

    Good for you. Don't worry about the taste. Your optimism is contagious . Good luck with the rest of your treatment


  • Brilliant...well done!

  • I was told no alcohol so am a bit jealous of your glass of wine, but congratulations on the good news.

  • Hello Penny, I too found that wine tasted somewhat less than desirable while I was having chemo. Eventually, it gets to taste just as good as it always did. I had my operation in the middle of chemo, too, and initially it was suggested that the chemo might not work, but it did. So congratulations. I'm guessing you'll get a complete diagnosis after the operation, but whatever it is, the remaining chemo will surely zap any microscopic bits. All the best!

  • Welcome to my world. As I am constantly writing myself off. I shall have a drink to join you, long may you be in remission.

    LA xx

  • Well done to you. Brilliant. I had my op half way through after a diagnosis of PPC and was told I was a very different patient at op than the one who first presented as chemo had worked amazingly well. All chemo done now. Last scan Friday but I have to wait until 29th September for oncologist appt. I'm keeping positive. Xx

  • Good news Penny. Pleased for you. Annx

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