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looking for positive outcomes!

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Hi am new here, going in for op to remove ovaries and fallopian tubes (had a hysterectomy years ago) may have to have a stoma, Have been told the operation will take 3 hours with a bowel and a gyny consultant . Just got news two days ago and op will be on 15th this month. Terrified, shocked and fearful, looking for positive stories from survivors of such an operation. Sorry to be so negative, I can't find any positive stories!! I was originally told I had IBS and have been merrily going along with this belief, over indulging sometimes with friends and a bottle of wine! Hoping to here of others experience, Thank you all

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Hello...yes it is a shock but most of us have had the op you describe and recovered-so take heart.

As to long term survival- well it is going up all the time, so don’t google, you will only see the old stats.

Wishing you good luck for your op and recovery xx

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Artichoke78 in reply to Lyndy

You are wise. I was just told this too. I am going to be starting abraxane. Have you done chemo for gct? Is it painful? I'm trying to find out what I should expect from it..

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19Mary in reply to Artichoke78

I was treated weekly with Abraxane as I had an allergic reaction to Taxol and Carboplatin. Watch out for neutropenia which is a known side effect. From memory neutropenia is low white blood cell count which causes a very depleted immune system.

I did not lose my hair but it changed from being a thick, frizzy mop to being very fine. I stopped using the coldcap as I was afraid of catching a head cold.

I didn't have any bowel or bladder issues.

Abraxane is licensed for Pancreatic and Lung Cancer but was licenced for OC when I started on it 18 months ago.

Abraxane was a literal walk in the park compared to my experience on Taxol/Carbo.

Good luck with your treatment. Try to relax. I found gentle exercise and acupuncture very beneficial.

All the best.

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19Mary in reply to Artichoke78

Abraxane wasn't licensed to treat OC when I was on it.

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Lindaura in reply to Lyndy

I firmly disagree with not googling for online research. All you need do is check the dates of the posts. All scientific evidence is on line, including the different Cancer charities, research organisations, and Ovacome!

I know all about Artichoke’s Chemo drug from reading 3 different websites.

Knowledge is power. Do as much research as possible.

Best wishes,


I just had this done too unexpectedly. I am in day 3 of recovery. Surprisingly bearable pain wise. I haven't needed the extra strong painkillers. I think the key is keep forcing yourself to walk, hydrate, and go to the bathroom.

Poor you, I know it's not a great place to find yourself. Hearing the diagnosis and attending all those awful first appointments can really mess with your head, but you will find lots of support here. You are not being negative, it's a huge shock, and please don't blame yourself for over-indulging or anything else.

There are plenty of positive stories for you to find on here and elsewhere when you feel ready to look for them. I personally didn't google anything for a good six months, purely because every article or research paper seemed to start with an unpleasant statistic that I really didn't need to be told. I still skim over those bits.

We've all survived our big ops and have our scars, there are plenty of stomas about too. I was told I might have one and had a nice big dot drawn on me with a felt pen before the operation, to show where it would be. That bit didn't happen to me after all, but I expect I would have dealt with it - you will surprise yourself over the next few weeks with what you can deal with.

All the best, and keep on posting x


I had a radical hysterectomy with a bowel surgeon in place, since they weren’t sure if it was ovarian or bowel cancer, it was ovarian and the bowels haven’t been the same since, I was threatened with a stoma, but got away with it and had 6 months carbo / taxol.

I am still NED 4 years nearly since and grateful for it, it is all terrifying, but not if you don’t yet know the outcome.

There are loads of positive stories on here, don’t google, you are different and the stats don’t refer to you in particular.

I know people that have had stomas, perfectly manageable and have had them reversed, real soon after their ops and are fine since,

Don’t worry, what will be, will be, living is the important thing,

Carole xx

Hi , it is truly the worst place when your diagnosis at first , I just couldn’t handle it . I was so overwhelmed by it all , these lovely ladies on here saved my life with there knowledge and kindness.

I found the thoughts of the op worse than the actual thing . True , it’s no walk in the park , but after the first couple of days it DOES get better.dont let the worry of it spoil your Christmas. You can do this . If I can anyone can . I’m seventy five and the biggest wimp ever.

Love Sheila xx

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