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Well Ladies I have reached my 5year milestone. I’m fine still after stage 2C diagnosis in April 2016.I had a full Hysterectomy and 5months of chemo.I hope this gives some of you hope for the future.I have lived to see my grandchildren grow,I have had holidays,looked after my mum,etc all the things I thought I’d miss. Don’t lose hope xxxx

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That’s fantastic & just what we love to hear!At first it just feels like a death sentence & difficult to feel positive but as time goes by we realise that every day is to be thankful for.I’m just 18mths in &1c high grade so still climbing that mountain but determined like you to make that 5years🤗Enjoy life! Big hugs Dee x

Hi Joanne, delighted that you are still doing well & have got to enjoy life & your grandkids. Unfortunately I haven't been as lucky ,as finished chemo July 2019 & maintenance early Sept 2020 but had a Ct scan 2 weeks later & it was back. Had another op early Dec & am back on chemo again but I am still hopeful too that I will get to see my daughters marry one day ( grandchildren would be a huge bonus), that I will get a holiday abroad after covid & just to be well again. Its great when someone shares their good news & are still clear 5 yrs on. I wish you many more years of good health. Take care X x

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Janini in reply to Tulips66

Hi Tulip66, don’t lose heart. I was diagnosed stage 3b in January 2016, had 2 recurrences and then went onto to a PARP in Feb 2019. I’ve been stable since then and like Joanne, passed my 5 year milestone earlier this year. Good luck with the chemo. xx

Lovely to hear such positive outcomes. Much needed at the moment. Thank you for posting. Xx

Well done you. Great to hear about all you ladies who have such positive outcomes. I am still being positive although I had a recurrence back in April. I had chemo and there was a good response. CA 125 dropped significantly (not quite normal). Small mets well shrunk or disappeared and main mass has been shrinking. Doctors are calling the cancer stable at the moment. I'm not on any treatnent. So I've got everything crossed🤞. Enjoying life at the moment and looking forward to seeing more of the UK possibly on a narrow boat to begin with. Hugs. Jackie.

Marvellous news,always good to hear. Long may it continue that way,so that you can continue enjoying life.

Congratulations 🎉 and well done. It’s so important we share the good news, it gives hope and encouragement to so many others. I’m 7 years on and counting. Keep as well as you possibly can be and stay safe ❤️xx Jane

Hi Joanne, so pleased to hear that you have reached your 5 year point, it’s a major milestone that I am also celebrating this month, followed by a significant birthday in June! Hope you have many more years ahead and continue to enjoy life, keeping as well as possible. Barbara xx

Hi Joanne59. Well done; 5 years, it feels like a rebirth! Very grateful to you that you posted such a good outcome on here. Can I ask please, what treatment you have received, i.e. were you given Avastin? And/or a PARP inhibitor? Thankyou.

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Joanne59 in reply to RoseMS

Hi Rose, after my 6 chemos I wasn’t put on any more treatment.I had 3 monthly blood tests and oncology appointments most of the 5 years until I was discharged. Best wishes xx 😘

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RoseMS in reply to Joanne59

Thanks Joanne. So no avastin alongside the chemo either?

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Joanne59 in reply to RoseMS

No.No more of anything x

Thank you for sharing this, Joanne. This is welcome news indeed! May you continue to enjoy life and your family for many years to come. Best wishes from Louisiana,


Many congratulations on reaching 5 years NED 🍾🥳, Joanne. That is fantastic - so very happy for you. Please keep us updated - it’s so great to have such good news 💖. X

💕💕 great news

That’s fantastic news Joanne 😁What type of Cancer did you have? I’m 2a HGS and have been clear a year.

Jackie 🦋🌈

It was Epithelial, the most common type.xx

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