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Good morning all,

I thought long and hard about posting my update but decided to go ahead because I know how positive news can be uplifting. I recall a post a couple of years ago from a lady who was diagnosed with stage 4 of 20 years ago and has had no recurrence- I was low and feeling that time was not on my side at that point and her post really gave me hope.

My latest CA125 was 8 and yesterday my oncologist said my PET scan was clear. She is over the moon about it but still cautious. I thought she would leave it a year till my next appointment but no, a mammogram and blood test in January and then an appointment with her.

She was appalled that I’ve not had a mammogram for 5 years and wants to be sure because my tumour was BRCA positive although I am not.

So it’s onward and upwards for me.

Things are less positive for my poor husband who has had three rounds of chemo and had to have the latest round halted because he has shingles and the side effects were so difficult for him to tolerate. His cancer had grown 20% whilst on the second chemo so we are worried. He has a scan later today and a consultation with his oncologist next week so we’re keeping everything crossed.

Have a good day and weekend everyone.

Joy 😘

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Fantastic news for you Joy. I hope things turn round for your husband. xx Big hugs, Kathy xx

JayGeeCee in reply to Katmal-UK

Thanks Kathy me too. It’s been quite difficult for him.


That's great news, just what I needed to hear today! Sorry to hear though that your husband is struggling, I have had shingles and now how excruciatingly painful it can be. x

We all need to hear the good too! Well done.

Sending hugs for your husband xx

Many congratulations on your great news - very happy for you. Sorry to read about your husband’s situation. Wishing you both all the best 💕 Mel xx

JayGeeCee in reply to Melody6

Than you Mel x

It’s so uplifting to hear your good news - thank you for sharing with us. Hoping that soon your husband will have some too.

Jan. X

JayGeeCee in reply to Litchick

Thank you Jan x

Well, you’ve convinced me to get the shingles vaccine. Have been putting it off. So glad you’re well and hope your dear husband improves too!

Take care, Stephanie

AMAZING NEWS!! These are the posts that lift us up. LONG MAY IT CONTINUE :)

It is always great to hear some positive news,so thank you for posting. I hope that your husband will have better news soon.

Take care. x

Always good to hear news like this. Sorry your husband’s having a time of it x

My goodness what pressure with you and your husband being in this situation. Good news stories give hope and hope is so, so important. I'm very pleased for you. I do hope things improve for your husband. All the best, Sara xxx

Hi Joy, I'm delighted with your news and that you posted it. I'm sorry your Husband is struggling and I hope he soon get's some better news and feels better, I'm sure he's in good hands. All the best Sue xx

Hi Joy, thank you for sharing your great news, you’re right, it is so uplifting!

I hope your dear husband recovers from shingles ASAP and able to continue his treatment.

Wishing you both all the best

Denise xxxxx

Thank you so much Denise x

delighted you are still clear but sad to hear your husband is going through a tough time. hugs from france

JayGeeCee in reply to Ruebacelle

Thank you, think being here in France is definitely a blessing xx

Ruebacelle in reply to JayGeeCee

Where are you in france?

JayGeeCee in reply to Ruebacelle

86, Vienne. Where are you?

Ruebacelle in reply to JayGeeCee

89 near auxerre but am shortly going to rent a wee studio in paris. But will keep country house for a bit. Where is your treatment team? There is a webinar wed 6pm probably in french with the latest science for OC. Hugs

JayGeeCee in reply to Ruebacelle

Both my husband and I are treated by a husband and wife team in Angoulême. X

Ruebacelle in reply to JayGeeCee

I have been infused by a superb team of nurses in auxerre with an above average onc but now under care of prof ray cocquard in lyon. Finished 5th round of chemo for total of 60 now wait for tep then radiation. Fun ride. Take care both of you

So glad you decided to post. We all need uplifting news at times. Congrats that you are still clear. So sorry about your husband. Hope he gets over shingles soon and can carry on treatment. 🤗 Jackie x

JayGeeCee in reply to Mumsie13

Thank you Jackie xx

Great news Joy! I hope things improve for your hubby.

Sending love

Margaret xxx

JayGeeCee in reply to Lilymay9

Thank you Margaret xx

That’s super news Joy! And it’s great that your oncologist is taking such good care of your. It’s very important to share good news here. We need as much of it as possible.

I’m sorry that your husband hasn’t been as lucky. Hopefully things will improve for him soon and he’ll get his chemo finished.

JayGeeCee in reply to WoolyHat

Thank you we’re keeping everything crossed xxx

That's good news for you, really pleased. Hope your husband gets well too, sending my best wishes. Jas x

JayGeeCee in reply to Dubai18

Thank you Jas x

Fantastic news for you and long may it continue. It is so important that we get to hear good news, it gives so many people hope.

I’m so sorry your hubby isn’t doing as well, I hope his shingles soon improve and he is able to resume his treatment and that it has the desired effect.

Take lots of care of both of you, love each other and be safe. ❤️Xx Jane

JayGeeCee in reply to Cropcrop

Thank you Jane, keeping everything crossed.

Stay well xx

What a lovely, positive letter to give others hope . I'm so sad about your husband, though. I do hope he can start his Chemo again soon, or they'll try something different for him. How sad that you should both have cancer!

Sending love and all the luck in the world for both of you.

Solange 😊

JayGeeCee in reply to Solange

Thanks Solange, I know positive posts lift my spirits.

We will know this week what the plan is.

Keep well xx

Fab news so pleased for you. Hope your husband improves soon and is able to continue his treatment. Best wishes to you both xx

Thank you so much xx

Thanks for the happy and inspiring update! Long may it continue! I’m sorry your husband isn’t having the same good fortune and hope his shingles gets better soon. Xx

JayGeeCee in reply to delia2

Thanks Delia x

Great news Joy. Fingers crossed it will be the same for your husband. I'm so pleased for you though. xx

JayGeeCee in reply to ZenaJ

Thanks Zena x

Great news. Keep it up 😁 and keep posting the positive updates.

Best wishes


JayGeeCee in reply to Petrolhead

Thanks Fay, stay well xx

Great news ! Long may it continue 😊

Hope good news for your husband too soon xx

JayGeeCee in reply to Spirit22

Thank you xx

I wanted to say something positive. I too was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy. Well now here I am, happy and ok. I was 39 when I had my mastectomy. I am now 71!!!!

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