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Help with my mums ovarian cancer

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Help please for my lovely mum. My mum has had primary peritoneal cancer for about four years stage 3. She had surgery then chemo, this time last year it came back and she had more chemo she could only have carboplatin as she has Af with her heart, after that she was put on Niraparib that stopped working after 6 months and they put her on cyclophosphamide up until now. Her ca125 has been rising but they still said her cancer was stable. Mums breathing has been bad usually she gets out of breath this time of year with tree pollen, but it got really bad and she is in hospital, they said she has fluid on the right lung they think due to the cancer, she has had it drained today.

She is due to start more chemo in 4 weeks can anyone tell us if there is any better help for her to prolong her life and is fluid on the lungs a common problem with this.

I would so appreciate some help as feel lost with it all

She is not Brca positive.

Much love Ali xx

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Hello... yes unfortunately fluid on the lung is quite common with OC. They can put in a permanent drain to help her breathing. Meanwhile, she will need more chemo, is there any reason to wait four weeks? Do you know which chemo she is having? xxx

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Aliollie in reply to Lyndy

Hello Lyndy she is having carboplatin her consultant said 4 weeks we are thinking of having an appointment with the royal marsden as her hospital are really slow.

Love Ali xx

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Lyndy in reply to Aliollie

Oh ok... that’s what I am having, it’s very do-able and has seen off my pleural effusion too. I went for a second opinion a while ago now at a specialist was really interesting and inspiring. Although I didn’t go on the trial they were running, I am still glad I did it.... so why not go for it...your Mum doesn’t have to follow their recommendations if she doesn’t want to xx

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Aliollie in reply to Lyndy

Hi if she has more chemo do you think it will take the lung problem away? Ps what a beautiful cat x

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Lyndy in reply to Aliollie

Well it did for me..took a few cycles but it went and I was able to have my drains removed xx

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Aliollie in reply to Lyndy

That’s great thanks so much for replying xx

God bless you and your lovely Mum such a worry, hope there's some answers on this site and lm not religious but your both in my prayers.Sending big hugs to you both SheilaF xxx. And yes perhaps a second opinion just might be needed. Xx

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Aliollie in reply to Realistic

Thank you for you kind words

Dear Aliollie. So sorry to hear about your Mum. I have been battling this for20 years and have Carboplatin/Taxol two times and Carbo/Doxil last time and on Lynparza a little over 2 years. I was lucky not to have much in side effects but CA riding for a while and it has reared its ugly head again and this time showed up in brain so having surgery tomorrow 3/31. Prayers for your Mum and Family


FRAN 2013

Dear Fran, so sorry your having such a worrying time, l myself have had 3 Brain surgeries so l know its not easy. But l hope you will be ok amazing that you've been fighting Ovarion cancer for 20 years, we all really have our ups and downs dont we. I fell down 7 of my stairs nearly 4 wks ago and its really knocked the stuffing out of me to be honest.l do haveOsteoporosis which doesn't help matters. And actually have felt really down with the pain the past month because it hurts so much to get about but had a CT scan last night and get results later than usual because of Easter. Just hoping l havent done any permanent damage they did say when l had an xray that ld bruised the soft

Tissue. But its incredibly painful at the moment.

I will send my love & hugs for you tomorrow and it will hopefully be over before you know it.

Much love SheilaFxxx

Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way. I hope you heal quickly and smoothly from your surgery, Fran. Best wishes from Louisiana,Sashay.

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Aliollie in reply to retired2013

Hello Fran have been thinking of you, hope your surgery went well. How are you feeling? Best wishes Ali xx

So sorry to hear you have to have surgery you are doing so well, hope the surgery goes well would you mind me asking you if you are baca 1 positive I may have spelt it wrong x

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