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Anxious 😟


Hi ladies heading in tomorrow for surgery Monday so nervous and scared trying to put on a brave front its not knowing whats a head that frightens me hoping I won't have a stoma worrying it might be worse when they go in but hoping for the best keeping busy stocking up on groceries organising kids I think the worst is not having anyone with you because of covid xxxxc

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Oh I do feel for you. I seem to live my life being anxious these days. It is difficult not having anyone with you but the nurses are lovely and will support you. From experience it is the thought of going in that is worse than actually being there. You don’t say what surgery you are having but when I had my full hysterectomy nearly three years ago I went in for the op on the Tuesday and was home by Thursday. Each time I’ve had to go into hospital I just think the quicker I get in the quicker I will get out. I know it’s easy to say try and distract yourself and I am the worst person for taking their own advice but before you know it you will be back home tucked up in your own bed. Bliss. Take care and hope things go well for you.

Clifden1 in reply to Kkaren

Hi Kkaren thanks for your reassurance complete debulking with invasion of bowel so not sure about whats to happen with bowel yet xx

Emma-Hold in reply to Clifden1

I have the same thing as you and will most probably end up having the same op! I too am worried about having a stoma but hope it won’t come to that! I hope your op goes ok and please let us know how you get on ☺️

Clifden1 in reply to Emma-Hold

I certainly will Emma xx

Good luck..frightening I know. I was the same but kept thinking it was one more step on the road to recovery which could be ticked off. And how lovely it would be to be home! Hope it all goes well!

Clifden1 in reply to LesleyGB

Thanking you xx

Easy to say but please don’t worry, you are now under the radar & they’re aim will be to put things right & get you back home.I know its horrible being alone but to be honest when I went in for the complete debunk op . I didn’t want to be worrying about visitors.Bit selfish I know but it was all about me 😆Was made so much fuss of & got friendly with other ladies in the ward, we even had a laugh, all in the same boat! I would say the quicker you get up & about & drink all the water they tell you to , really even if you don’t fancy it , that is the secret to getting home quickly! I was home within two days because I ticked all the boxes back in my own bed & with all my lovelies 🥰 Be thinking of you. Hugs Dee X

Clifden1 in reply to Mammi

Thanks that has cheered me up xx

Clifden1 in reply to Mammi

Thanks for the kind advice xx

hi, so understand how you are feeling, i recall having a medium 'wobble' before my surgery, that inner chatter at all hours!!Remember you have a great surgical team supporting you and they will do what is right for you. i too had surgery in the pandemic, but what i would say having the contact via whatsapp/phone calls was enough as you need to rest and this helps with your recovery. Thinking of you , You can do this xx

Clifden1 in reply to Slipper1

Thanks for the reassurance 🙏 xx

I know it's hard to do, but please try not to worry, as I had the major debulking surgery 6 months ago at Hammersmith Hospital and I was told that they didn't know whether i'd need a stoma bag after the op., but luckily when they went in, they found that it was a very straight forward op and I was out 4 days after the surgery. I was not allowed any visitors either during the Covid pandemic in July, so had to be brave too, like you, but found all the nurses and doctors to be so lovely kind and caring, they really looked after me so well and I was actually glad of the extra rest, from not having visitors, as didn't feel up to long chats for the first couple of days. Please don't worry, as you'll also have a wonderful surgical team and all the nurses in the surgical wards are so helpful and help you with washing / showering etc. when you feel able to. Also, they do say that if you can get up and walk about a little bit as soon as you feel up to it, this will speed up your recovery from surgery (even if it's just getting up into the armchair by the side of the bed on the 2nd day as the movement helps with healing. It does make you feel anxious before surgery, but it'll soon be over and you'll be home before you know it! (I found deep yoga breathing exercises very calming...breathing in through the nose for the count of 4, then hold it for 2, then breath out for count of 4...this is also very good for pain relief and the nurses were all really amazed that I didn't need much pain relief through using this breathing technique. It gets much better after the first day anyway, so please dont' worry! I'm thinking of you and sending you healing vibes for Monday. Love & hugs, Debbie x

Clifden1 in reply to Doughnut21

Thanks so much for your kind advice xx

RainbowC in reply to Doughnut21

I had mine at the Hammersmith in March last year. The team there are so good!

I agree with all the other ladies comments,the thought of the unknown is worse than the op . I was home in 4 days and I was 75 . Wishing you the best of luck xx

Praying for good results and a speedy recovery 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Good luck for tomorrow.

I remember so well the build up to my op, scared, couldn’t eat, sleep for days before. But I remember waking up from the surgery and putting my hand straight onto my tummy to see if there was a They said I might need one but in the end it was fine. It’s also a great feeling to know all the nasty stuff is gone. I was in for three days and recovered very quickly I was 64 . Be brave, rest and you will soon be back on your feet. Thinking if you. x

I also remember like it was yesterday (nearly 18 months ago). To say I was bricking it would be an understatement! I also went in on my own but everyone was so lovely! I was first down to theatre, which was good, and next thing I knew I was on the ward. They won't let you be in pain , I'm sure you'll have a pda. I went in on the Wednesday and came home on the Sunday - my own bed!😁 You just need it done and out of the way! Honestly, this bit is the worst, you feel apprehensive and anxious, but try and find stuff to do to distract yourself. Good luck, you will be fine, you've got this!💪

God Luck for tomorrow xx

I remember it all so well, even though it was eight years ago. I just kept myself as busy as possible on the days leading up to my op,writing notes for hubby and the in-laws who were going to be helping out with the kids and spring cleaning the house. I was warned I could have a stoma but thankfully I didn’t need one. The nurses and doctors are lovely and will look after you and you’ll be home before you know it. Good luck and hugs xx

Its the waiting that gets to us but this will pass as you are actually in hospital getting prepped you have this in hand take care hugs from france

Will await an update post op! I will possibly be going in for an op and am terrified, also fairly sure I will have a stoma, which Im not sure I can deal with, so may actually refuse the op.Im on my own and will have to c ope independently. Please let us know how you get on

Meridian14 in reply to rosebine

Hi Rosebine,

Please do not refuse the op because of having to have a stoma. As I'm sure you know, a stoma is created because they've had to do a life saving procedure. I was not expecting to have a stoma, but when I came out of theatre my surgeon told me that he had to cut a section out of my bowel as the cancer had wrapped itself around the sigmoid section of my bowel. I was thankful that he cut all the disease away/out of my lower bowel. I accepted immediately that it was absolutely necessary. He told me it can be reversed later on down the line. I got used to my stoma very quickly. Sometimes it's a bit of a hassle to manage (when it plays up if I've eaten weird stuff) but on the whole it is now just part of my daily routine. It doesn't really stop me from doing anything. If you do get a stoma, you will get used to it very quickly, there is good support available, the stoma nurse will help you and teach you what you need to do... its very easy once you get the hang of it. Anyway, it may not happen, but if it does, it'll be okay. xx

rosebine in reply to Meridian14

Hello, thats whats happened to me cancer attached to sigmoid colon and also illeus, so thats both ends. That would probably not be reversible ? Just got appointment with surgeon for next week so will find out.

Meridian14 in reply to rosebine

I guess it really depends on what they find when they go in... how much they have to remove, whether or not they can re attach during the same surgery or whether a stoma is needed in order for part of the bowel to heal. Lots of ifs and buts.... That's a conversation you must have with your surgeon; if you have a stoma will it be temporary - can it be reversed later on; whether it'll be a few months, a year, two years, longer.... or whether they think it might have to be a permanent stoma.

My surgeon told me that he would be willing to do reversal surgery after a few months of my Avastin treatment stopping, I also have a hernia and so when I have the stoma reversed they will also fix the hernia (i think they will have to use a type of mesh to do this). Oncology told me that I should wait for two years after Avastin because my body is still healing and sensitive and It may trigger a recurrence if I have surgery too soon. To be honest, if it were not for the hernia I would possibly contemplate not having surgery and see if I could live with the stoma permanently... after all, many people do and lead perfectly normal lives.

I know it's easier said than done, try not to be too anxious. You'll be in good hands.

All the best with your meeting with the surgeon. Let us know what he thinks will be the option for you - i'd be interested.

I think most of us are terrified at the thought of debulking surgery, I most certainly was, the urge to run as far and fast as possible from the ward before they came and took me down was almost overwhelming, I'd never had anything but a single very minor surgery previously in my life. I managed to stop myself because, really, the alternative of doing nothing wasn't an option. Most of us are warned about the chances of a stoma, which I also dreaded, obviously, but I was lucky, they had to remove a stretch of the lower bowel but were able to rejoin it during the surgery (called a resection) - I think sometimes ladies might wake up with a temporary stoma which is reversed later, which I kind of expected I might beforehand. The only trouble with a bowel resection is you're in hospital for longer afterwards, not able to eat for a while, so I was there for 9 days, but it was fine.

Take some vaseline or a lip salve in with you - if you wake up on a morphine pump as I did, your lips will stick to your teeth because your mouth will be very dry and its next to impossible to speak if you need to for a couple of days, so I was putting vaseline either on my teeth or my lips or both...

Good luck...


You will feel so much better afterwards it’s so worth it xI found that as no one else had visitors too, you don’t really think about it, just keep your phone well charged x

One more week will be 2 years since my debulking. I looked at it as I am finally ridding myself of all of that bad cancer. I could not wait to have it all removed. We are all anxious about the unknown and the possibility of a stoma. Stomas are often temporary. As many mentioned, moving about as soon as possible does really help your recovery. This will all be behind you soon. So sorry you have to go it alone but thank goodness for technology. I’m sure you will feel the love and support you deserve in spite of Covid. Best wishes and just breathe...Hugs, Nadie

All the best for tomorrow. It’s not half as bad as the thought of it. Hopefully you will be home soon and wonder what the worry was. I had mine just before Covid so had visitors but really didn’t feel up to chatting. My husband didn’t help when he saw the scar and said i now looked like a pencil case! 😂 xx

I know it’s scary, especially not having someone with you, but you’ll get through it one step at a time. Focus on having the cancer removed from your body. After you need to rest a lot. Don’t push yourself. You’ll be okay. Hugs.

Hi Clifden my mum is also going tomorrow ... have just left her off and won’t be allowed back in to see her due to Covid... she’s high risk of stoma also but I am a stoma nurse and will teach her everything... I’ve seen many peeps go through this surgery but it doesn’t help I’m absolutely terrified too - it’s normal my to feel this way... I wish u the best of luck xx

Thinking of you tonight. Hope it goes well tomorrow x

Hi I just want to wish you all the best tomorrow. I understand how you are feeling at the moment as I was in your position Feb 2019 but just think this time tomorrow night the op will be over & it will be the start of your recovery. If you do happen to wake up with a stoma believe me you will get use to it & in 6 months time you will wonder what you were worrying about. I have one & I am managing it fine. I know it will be hard having no visitors but you will need the time to rest & get strong for going home. I found there were days when I just wasn't able for visitors but didn't want to upset my family by saying it. You will get through this, all of us ladies on here did so you can too. When you are feeling better & have any questions or worries feel free to ask. Will be thinking of you 🌸

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow - hope it all does really well x

Sending you positive vibes and assurance you will be cared for. Be honest how you feel with the staff. X

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