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Ca125 Dropped since starting Weekly Treatments


Well Hello,

Just finished my 4th treatment of weekly Taxol and by biweekly Avastin, which is going really well. Haven't lost hair yet except for my lady area which is weird, well guess it is saving me money from getting a wax...😂😂😂. And also no real side affects yet, knock on wood, just get tired around day 2-3 and that's about it. Last around didn't even have to take nausea medicine woot woot.

Just got my first CA125 while going thru my fourth treatment and it dropped from 53 to 17, so it's working. So happy to see results going in the right direction.

Wanted to share a small victory and give some good news to my teal sisters.



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Hi Shelley, That is really great news, & I am really pleased to hear that this regime is working for you. It is good also that you have hardly had any side effects, which makes a huge difference to everyday life.

Take care, stay safe,& I wish you a Happy New Year. x

Great news, Shelley, and a greater way to start the new year x

Pleased to hear your good news...long it may continue. xx Jas

That’s great news Shelly , just what we need at the moment! You must feel so pleased 🤗all we need now is a vaccine & Spring 🌷🌺🌞.All stay safe DeeX

Well done that is fantastic news! I am also on weekly taxol without too many side effects, I have had 5 infusions only a few mouth ulcers, I have lost my hair including the lady garden! but I don't mind if it works. I am on day 3 of my last infusion and can't stop falling asleep, oh well what else do I have to do 🤣 I hope your CA125 continues to come down, mine has reduced by just over half, but I was a little bit higher than you at 4000 🤪

Happy New Year xx

Such excellent news, Shelley! I’m very glad to hear that things are moving in a positive direction for you. Best wishes from Louisiana in 2021,


Great news Shelly! 😁 I’m so happy for you.It will give lots of teal ladies a great boost 😁

Happy New Year 🥳


Wonderful news and good to hear yr tolerating treatment well x big hug Kathy xx

Great news!

Fantastic new year news! X

Hi ShelleyGreat news and progress. Very happy for you to be starting the new year with hope. And hardly any side effects makes it even better.

You're a strong lady. Well done!


Nicola Xx

That’s good news Shelly... all strength to you! xx

That is fantastic, I’m so happy for you! It gives me strength and hope. Thank you for sharing 😘

Fab news , so happy for you .xxCheryl

Taxol rocks keep up the good work

Congratulations on such a speedy response to the treatments, long may this trend continue lovely lady. Stay safe and as well as you possibly can be ❤️xx Jane

Absolutely fantastic Shelly xx

Really pleased Shelley, looks like it's all going according to plan.Happy New Year and stay safe. Sue xx

Brilliant Shelly. I too am on weekly Taxol and my CA125 has dropped from 700+ to 48. I have 5 more treatments then the scan! Very few side effects hair very thin and tufty, think the scissors will have to come out.Good luck with the rest of your treatment.


PCCDaisy in reply to janwen52

Just finished my 4th treatment and hair is coming out near my widows peeks, guessing the scissors will be in my future too. Ohh well it will grow again and a small price to pay. Thank goodness it is beanie season....

It’s always great to hear someone’s wonderful news!! That’s all we wish for. Congratulations, keep up the good work and may it stick for a long, long time 🤞🏻💕

Excellent news Shelley! Long may it continue.

Such wonderful news for you!

That’s wonderful news Shelly! Have a happy new year and hoping that you can continue with ca 125 dropping. Donna.

Congratulations! Going in the right direction!

Thanks this gives me sone hope. I’m on Taxol 3 weeks on 1 week off so hope this means my Ca125 willHave also have dropped. Get my results back in a week’s time so fingers crossed!

Hi Shelley Sorry to hear of the recurrence but happy to hear the TAXOL and AVASTIN is working for you

Have they spoken to you yet if they will leave you on AVASTIN?


PCCDaisy in reply to Supermary

Pretty much forever as long it is working, they are using Avastin as a maintenance drug for me. They are trying this out and explained they have so many other tricks up their sleeve to use if this doesn't work. Crossing fingers that it does. As for a reoccurance, they believe that my first around didn't get everything out so these 16 rounds will then on top with Avastin will and keep it from coming back.

Supermary in reply to PCCDaisy

They have many many options they can try

I hopefully start a trial drug in a few weeks

Have to qualify with my RBC

Just finished my chemo 6 on 12/23

We will both make it !

Hang tough !

It will be ok

Wonderful news, just what we all need to hear and that dreaded ca 125 is most definitely going in the right direction your treatments working fantastic. Stay positive & keep well love & hugsSheilaF xxx

Great to hear you are coping soo well. I too am on weekly taxol & having a break before my 11th, only cos was feeling v.tired & Onco said it is usual, not always, for a break at this stage. Like you am coping ok, have lost my hair again, it’s cold so easy to cover up. Stay strong & will follow your progress.Cheers Iside X

PCCDaisy in reply to Iside

My hair now started to fall out, got some wicked widows peaks. Thought time for a new haircut and brought out the buzzers. Since just finishing up my 5th treatment rather take control then seeing hair on my pillow case again.

Iside in reply to Iside

Continuing, have now lost all my hair, start chemo again on 20th=12th !!!Had Pfizer vaccine last Thurs., feeling breathless told my Haemoglobin is low cos of chemo!!! Soo in continuing weekly may have yo take more breaks before I reach 18th in March!!!

Great news here re Niraparib, it is now to be given to more OC sufferers!!! Won’t know till I finish chemo, can wait Iside X

Thats fantastic news! I’m so glad for you! Xx

Hooray! Since we do indeed have to look for little silver linings, I have to say it was awesome not having to shave my legs for six months :)

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