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Dear All,

This was originally in the long thread following my post about my mother's passing, but i wanted to make sure people saw it and read about how invaluable they have been and about the need to be safe from the things that contributed to my mother's suffering.

Love and gratitude to all who write words of appreciation and remembrance for my mother. i read all of your comments and it is good to know that this was such a welcoming community for Mama. She often talked about the women on this forum; you were an inspiration to her as well. i wish you all the most diligent and attentive medical care and hope that your very best years are still ahead of you.

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Stay strong, and if you begin to feel like you can't, i hope you can rely on loving and kind family and friends, always. Thanks so much for being here for my beloved mother when she really did need all the support she could get, as well as a place for her own voice.

The photo is of my mother, me, and my grandmother Libbe, who died on May 12 at the age of 98.



35 Replies
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What a lovely photograph. Wishing you all the best as you navigate life without your mum and grandma x

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Stunning photo. I hope that, in time, you are able to remember all the lovely times you had with these two beautiful ladies. Take care and stay safe, big virtual hugs and love ❤️Xx Jane

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Thank you so much for posting with such a lovely photograph. This is a very difficult period for all of the family and friends.

Stay safe.

Caleda x

3 Beautiful ladies! Thank you for sharing. Take care xxx

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What a beautiful photograph of the 3 of you and I am sure it will always be a special memory for you. It must be very tough losing your mum and your grandma so close. I lost my mum in 2017, the year I was diagnosed, she was 97 almost 98. I understand and feel your pain. Reach out to us at any time x x x

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Gone too soon❤️ Always with you

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What a lovely picture, memories to help you through this. 💗💗💗

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Hi Jane, hope you are holding up. Thank you for the lovely picture, it's all the lovely memories you have of your mam & gran that will get you through this horrible time in your life. I am sorry your mam suffered in the end ,all anyone ever wants for their parents when their life is coming to an end is for them to slip of peacefully & with dignity so my heart is breaking for you. Your mam is now free from pain & suffering so I hope that helps you in some small way. Thinking of you & your dad Xx

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Thank you for your kind and helpful words and the beautiful photo. Sending much love, Wendy

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Jane, thank you for your specific advice regarding stent procedure. When my time comes I do not want to be trying to recover from yet another surgery. I did not know your mother personally. Her postings were insightful with well researched commentary. I have serious respect for her intellect and the manner with which she managed her healthcare choices. She was compassionate and grounded. I would have liked to have known her as a friend. She gave much of herself to this group and for that I am quite grateful. Your mom is with you always. Keep talking to her. You know in your heart what she would say.

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Laurasdaughter in reply to Tesla_7US

Thank you for this kind and considered reply, and thanks again to all for the abundance of empathy and compassion in this forum. i am sure my mother would liked to have known you as a friend as well - many of you.



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Beautiful photo of the 3 of you 💕 thinking of you at this difficult time love Lesley xx

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What a beautiful picture of 3 beautiful ladies, wishing you a very long and happy life with great memories. Sue xxx

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What Beautiful family, my love & hugs at this very sad time. SheilaF xxx

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What a lovely photo of the 3 generations together. I am so sorry for your loss and for the fact the stent procedure did not afford your mom symptom relief as hoped. I hope in time the memory above is the one that stays with you. Christine x

Hi Jane

Beautiful photo. We will all miss your mums sensible replies when we were not sure which way to turn.

Love and Best Wishes


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Gorgeous photo. Thank you for taking the time to post at such a difficult time and for your wise words. You sound like your mama .


Joy x

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Thank you for sharing this photo of three generations of women in your family. It’s beautiful. And it’s also a lot to lose in this awful year. I wish you and your father well as you learn to live with your huge loss. And I appreciate your advice about Covid as I struggle with the temptation to visit my daughters! I will always remember your mother’s voice on this forum. Xx

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What an awful year for you. All those memories you have of your mother and grandmother will be a comfort to you in the future. I never met your mother but still felt her loss. How much greater the loss is for you .She was so good at sharing and advising us all on this site. Take care and know she is with you and will never leave you. xx

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What a lovely group of girls. I appreciate your comments and will take them to heart. May you find peace and joy in all your wonderful memories.

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I feel comfortable speaking for others in saying that your mum was a rock for us, her determination to never give up and keep trying all treatment options available, she exuded so much strength and hope. I am grateful to have come across that fighting spirit and sweet, fiery personality in her posts when I first had to join this community, lovely though it is, that no one ever wants to join.

It must have been hard, but thank you for sharing what happened and these words of caution. We have faced so much unfairness over the course of the pandemic, with loved ones in hospital who had to die alone, lost months of treatment time because it was not considered essential, it's all very sad. I'm so sorry that affected your family, as it has mine and so many others.

I hope that the words of love expressed toward your mother bring some peace and comfort. We will never forget her.

So sorry for your loss Laura. Such a nice photo of the three of you. Take care, love 💕 Donna

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thinking of you ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Hi Jane, What a beautiful photograph of the three of you. Your mother was so liked and respected on this site sharing information and knowledge. We will all miss her! I hope the memories she has left you with, along with Grandma's, will help and guide you in your loss. Best wishes. Gwen x

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So sorry for your loss, thinking of you and your family and sending heartfelt condolences. Pam x

SASSY196 profile image

Thank you for the care you are showing us in posting at this very difficult time. What an awful year for you loosing your Mama and grandmother. Thinking of you x

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Jane, your lovely photo and thoughts on taking care of ourselves is really appreciated. Everyone here will hope the sadenss of your loss will gently fade whilst the joy of your memories gradually gets stronger and becomes part of your everyday. Warmest wishes, Lx

Firstly Jane, a lovely photograph. 3 generations.! Laura, your mum Talked about her little family often. She just fought to live for you all.

Everyone on here felt she was a personal friend and she's missed every, single day.

You’re advice is greatly appreciated and thank you for posting at what must be the most difficult time of your life. I think of you often.

When I was young there was a popular song in the charts

“Tell Laura I Love Her”

By Richie Vallance . I’m sure your mum would know that one.

I’ve listened to it (Via Alexa) several times over the last few days.

Love to you and your dad and hope the pain of losing your gorgeous mama will ease a little eventually.

Angela xx

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Dear daughter (Jane) of Lindaura,

I sincerely thank you in place of your mother for her communications to me.

She gave me good, sound common sense replies and even jolted me to my better self if I were moaning.

I treasured that honesty,


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Thanks to everyone for the warm words for my mother and for the appreciation of the photograph of the three of us. i can't believe i'm the only one left, but your kind and insightful messages are very helpful, and i will have to learn to live with this.

And yes, Angela (Gemimablackvelvet), my mother would know that song. She knew most songs; she was a singer. She had a glorious voice. i am sure you all have talents that should have time to flourish, so i hope all treatment options are presented to you and that you thrive, even with this disease.

Thanks for supporting my mother through the last years, and for providing a space for all women with ovarian cancer and their loved ones.



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RachelFaye in reply to Laurasdaughter

🙏Jane, heading in tomorrow at 5.30pm to gynae-oncologist for 4-monthly check-up.

Very uptight this time

Armed with Ca125 and seeking reassurance from ct scan of thorax, abdomen and pelvis

It’s a way of living.

I miss your Mum’s words and spirit even though I live in Ireland, her neighbouring country.

I admire her and salute her and I thank you for your encouraging words


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Laurasdaughter in reply to RachelFaye

More power to you, Rachel Faye. i hope your appointment went really well.



RachelFaye profile image

Yes, Jane, thank God and you for your enquiry!

I was very nervous attending this appointment as I have a pain in my side constantly.

NED(no evidence of disease) that day the CT said, Haleluijah!

Next appointment etc pushed out to 6-months time unless/until symptoms....

I have missed reading your Mum’s contributions.

May she rest in peace.

I know you must miss her presence terribly.

There is a saying in the Irish Language:






I found this helps


Laurasdaughter profile image

Thank you RachelFaye, that's beautiful! So good to read after all this time away that your appointment DID go well.



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Laurasdaughter in reply to Laurasdaughter

BTW, i sent that Irish saying to my father and he replied "So right".

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