Hi dear ladies - Happy New Year - I hope that you were all able to enjoy your evening.

I have a question - my mom has had one session of chemo - and has had various side effects - she generally feels 'ok'. She cut all her hair off yesterday in preparation for when it falls and because her head or rather her scalp was hurting and she has taken this as a sign that her hair is about to come out. She looks lovely with her short hair and about 20 years younger but she has been complaining of a sensitive scalp almost to painful to be slept on hence she had a bad nights sleep - anyone else had this?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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  • Happy New Year :-)

    Oooh I remember it well. The only way I can describe it is it's like resting your head on a bed of pins. It's doesn't last long and I found wearing a soft hat helped to ease it, also gently massaging/rubbing the scalp. I also used a fleecy jumper on my pillow to soften it. Once the hair comes out it gets better and hopefully it will only last a couple of days.

    Best wishes


  • ^^^ Exactly this!! ^^^

  • Thanks L4W - yes her hair has almost gone now and she says her head isn't as sore but she looks so sad it is horrible. She has her next chemo on Friday - I'm dreading it. G

  • Oh I had this too, oncologist told me to use baby shampoo and continue with it when all the hair has come out, it's very soothing. Also slept in a sleep hat like a new born baby sleep hat,especially when hairless because it's chilly in bed.

    Happy New Year


  • I was bald during Summer, and we slept with a fan on... I swear it felt like my head was in the arctic and my body was in the tropics unless I had a sleep hat on.

    Sleep hats are the best.

  • Thanks Indego. She has various hats and is just waiting for her wig to arrive. G

  • Thanks Angelina - she has a soft hat which she has been wearing today. And her hair has almost all gone I think. G

  • Yes that's normal, the scalp hurts - it's as if an elastic band is wrapped tightly around your hair and pulling it! That feeling doesn't last too long though and the good thing is that it DOESNT hurt when your hair actually comes out .

    All the best to your mum

    Clare xx

  • Thanks Clare, that's almost what she said, but yes she has said it has eased now her hair has almost all fallen out :( G X

  • Someone on here I can't remember who told me to wrap sticky tape around my hand sticky side out and dab it on my head. It did bring some hair out and I felt it helped. I remember the sensation well it's rubbish. I think I slept on a jumper too. It only happened after the first and a little after the second I think.

    Best wishes, Lisa x

  • Haha, I was SO tempted to wax my head!

    I waxed everything else when the hair started to come out (easiest Brazilian ever!) and on around day four of finding short bits of hair everywhere I was cracking it.

    My partner was worried that it'd affect how my hair grew back though, so I didn't do it, lol

  • Thanks Lisa, it's come out now anyway so sensation has eased. G

  • I could not wait to shave my head! It was the only way my scalp calmed down. That scalp pain feeling was like when you take your hair down from a ponytail and the follicles complain.

  • My brother eventually shaved mine as he does his all the time. I had awful spots from the steroids so it would have been better done sooner. Xx

  • I was SO relieved when my hair was all gone because the horrible, sensitive prickle went away! It's a rubbish feeling.

    I got temporary relief lightly massaging my scalp with a cool, damp towel. I also found wearing hats/scarves to limit the movement of the hair helped a lot as well.

  • Hi,

    I've lost hair last year due carbo and taxol. Now I'm in recurrence but will not loose my hair this time.

    I remember shawing my head as a shock. My scalp was sensitive and cold at the beginning. It got better after a while, I think I got used to.

    IN April 2016, when I recovered after surgery and chemo I set up website with my story, my blog and headwear for ladies like us. Please feel free to visit my blog, maybe you will find some good tips for your mum. Also I have wide selection of bamboo headwear which are extremely comfortable, light and soft, expecially Belladonna bamboo.

    If your mum will like them, send me a message and I'll be happy to provide a code for extra discount.

    All the best to your family. Fight hard, be positive and ask you mum not to worry about the hair. They will grow back, nicer, softer and curly.

    Lots of health in 2017

    Zaneta from hairlessbeauty


  • Thanks Zaneta, sorry to hear that you've had a recurrence :( but thanks for your tips - I will have a look - she seems to have bought quite a lot of stuff already in preparation. Thanks G

  • Yes.It is surprisingly painful but I haven't lost all of my hair yet and i started chemo on 28th October. I think it varies from person to person but the pain seems to come as the follicles are affected. I send big hugs to both you and your Mum

  • I think that we can probably all remember this stage & it is painful. It was suggested to me that I use a very small amount of Argon Oil,some of which I had purchased when it was on offer at the hairdresser & it did help. Once the hair is out as everyone says things will improve.

    I wish your mum luck with her treatment & hope that she gets through it without to many side effects. xxx

  • A very uncomfortable time, I found wearing a light cotton beanie hat at night helped. Xx

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