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Large fibroids

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Hi, I have three large fibroids which are causing problems. In the past I took 2 courses of Esmya and they shrunk them considerably resulting in no problems for about 18 months on each occasion. I am trying to avoid a hysterectomy as I am 53 and hoping they will stink when I go through the menopause. As Esmya can no longer be prescribed does anyone know of any other alternative non invasive treatments. Thankyou

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Dear Joridley

Thank you for your post. You might find replies to your query are limited as it is not regarding ovarian cancer which is the focus of MyOvacome. The following websites may have some useful information for you:

NHS Fibroid information

British Fibroid Trust

Fibroid Relief (US)

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes


Ovacome Support Service Manager

Thanks for letting me know I didn't realise that.

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