Query cysts and fibroids in ovaries

HiI am new here. a few months ago I went to the dr because I was having sharp pain in my lower abdomen. My second ultrasound gave the following results:

Uterus is retro erred measuring 9.5 X 5.7 X 6.4 cm. there is heterogeneity in funds measuring 2.5 X 1.5 cm query a small fibroid. Endometrium measured 14 mm. Seems to be a cyst in left ovary measuring 4.9 cm better seen transabdominally, not larger than previous. I am foing for a follow up ultrasound next week. Is there anything I should be asking dr? When they say query fibroid does that mean they are not sure it is a fibroid? Anyone with similar issues or recommendations?

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  • Should I be concerned the fibroid or cyst could be cancerous? I should also mention I am being sent for a colonoscopy as the dr questioned diverticulitis as I also had pain in my upper abdomen. I don't think it is diverticulitis

  • I have diverticula too and when I get diverticulitis it is usually pain in my lower left side- quite low down. I felt I should reply to you when you mentioned the fibroid query. I do not wish to worry you but I had the very same fibroid query after a scan. They were going to monitor it about 6 months later to see if anything changed. Just by chance one of the scans (CT) picked up a stone in the bile duct, so right away I had a further MRI scan to let the surgeon see exactly where it was for him to later remove it. Anyhow this last scan revealed that the suspected fibroid was in fact a suspicious 'mass'. I was told it could just be a non- cancerous mass but they removed it and found it to be early stage ovarian cancer. Also most cysts on the ovary are non cancerous, but they need to be checked. Often they can tell by looking at the scans if it is likely to be cancerous or not. However only lab tests of a specimen will tell for sure. I agree with previous posts- ask for a CA125 test plus further investigation. It is better to be safe than find out next year that it was in fact cancerous.In my case my early stage diagnosis would have been a later stage by the time they had looked at me again in 6 months. Mine is fast growing and agressive. Hence the reason I feel so strongly that you take matters into your own hands and push for some answers. Hopefully it won't be anything serious but I feel it is best to be fully checked. Lastly the CA125 test is not a perfect one. Some people can have a normal level at diagnosis like me and yet have OC, but in many people it will be elevated so it is worth having done.

    Best of luck- A-T13 xx

  • Thank you so much for responding. I will definitely push for the blood test and an MRI!! I was so concerned with query fibroid as I read it as question to see if it's a mass or a fibroid peace of mind will be good. I am so glad you pushed for testing. I wish you best of luck with everything!!

  • Sorry to hear the anxious time you are going through. I would ask for an MRI scan if the results of the ultrasound are unclear. Have you had a ca125 blood test done? You should ask your doctor about this if not. I hope everything will be fine but don't be fobbed off if the answers you get at first don't fully reassure you. Trust your gut instinct. You could also ring the Ovacome helpline nurse for a chat and advice on what questions to ask. Good luck, Madeline x

  • Thank you so much for responding! I will definitely follow through with these suggestions!!

  • I received the results of the ultrasound I had yesterday. The cyst is gone ( good news). The questioned fibroid seen in previous exam are of heterogeneity again seen may represent subtle fibroid. Should I still push for MRI or CA125 test?

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