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Clear cell carcinoma with large intestine involvement

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My mom had a very unfortunate sigmoid colon perforation leading to a colostomy and after which the biopsy showed clear cell carcinoma ovary our oncologist started chemo after 6 weeks and then her abdominal wound burst leading to burst abdomen she is being given standard chemo liposomal every week with the open wound I am sorry to vent out but I am very anxious anyone else having an experience with clear cell carcinoma and chemo with open wound thanks a lot

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Hi Indujoshi

I'm sorry but not had any experiences such as your mother's. Best wishes to your mum and the family.

I was diagnos d with stage 3 PPC in June 2017 and started chemo. I had a bowel perforation after chemo 2 and a colostomy fitted. I had 2 more chemos before surgery TAH. My stoma was fitted and they used laparoscopic surgery so no issues with the wound. I cannot help with that one but just to say even after my bumpy start with the bowel perforation they have managed to get me into remission. I hope they are able to do the same for your mum x x

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Thanks that is really encouraging any positive news is welcome

So sorry to read your sad news about your Mum. I'm sorry I can't give you any advice but would just like to send you both love and sympathy. Hope things look better very soon, love, Solange πŸ’πŸ˜Š

Thanks Everyone for your wishes amen

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