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I am new here and my Dr. suggested I try taking this and was wondering what anyone else taking this thought about it. I have had ovarian cancer three times now and she feels I am a good candidate. I was 13 years between the first and second time and 4 years between second and third. I was on Carboplatin and Taxol the first and second time and Carboplatin and Doxil this last time.

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Hi. I have been on a trial for this since Jan 2014. Originally diagnosed in 2007. I have had two recurrences and been NED since Aug 2013. Im still NED with a CA125 of below 3. Im BRAC2 positive. Its easy to take, Two pills in the morning, two 12 hours later. Very few side effects, still working full time ( well Ive just cut down to 4 full days) . I swear by Lynparza, or Olaparib as its also known. There is a Facebook page for those taking a parp inhibitor so you may find more helpful information there as well. Good luck with making your decision. Kathy xx

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Amazing to read!

Hello retired2013 and welcome to this fabulous forum. 13 and 4 years remission are very impressive, sharing your good fortune helps newbies like me stay positive. sorry I cant offer any personal advise re Lynparzin but I have read impressive results and I am sure lots of ladies on here will be only to willing to share their experience. Good Luck

I’m on Lynparza have been on it for about 6 months am also Braca 2 Very few side effects so far still get very tired but it’s probably a combination of fatigue from chemo as well as Lynparza My bloods have been good and my ca125 is in normal range So it’s doing it’s job and keeping the beast at bay Good luck

I am on it 8 months now and have mild side effects that are very manageable. Ca125 was 9 when I finished Carbo/Caeylyx and went to 5 after 3 months on the PARP. I work, socialize, do everything I did "before" unlike chemo where I needed a few down days after treatment. And pills travel with YOU, so its easier in that regard too. Good luck! oxox

I hope you can enjoy the holidays and get on the PARP! There was a recent large trial of Olaparib/ Lynparza for first line maintenance and it had huge results. However it was mainly with BRCA positive people. It does also work on BRCA negative but not as well. Good luck! Xx

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I have no BRCA mutations so hope that will help still waiting to hear on insurance coverage Thanks

Best of luck on this drug it seems all positive but I will be on that route at some time too so interested in the replies you got, all the best

Hi Retired

May I ask what stage were you when diagnosed??


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