Carbo: second verse, same as the first?

Hi all! Having my second round of carboplatin tomorrow. I'm curious about whether how you tolerate the first round is a good indication of what to expect with the rest? Wondering if I will feel the same this time, or have similar side effects that may get progressively worse, or will each round bring a whole different experience each time?

I know everyone reacts differently to it --- but if anyone cares to chime in, that would be much appreciated!

Thank you! Kerry x

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  • Hi Kerry. Like you say everyone reacts differently but having had 3 lines of chemo Ive found that each time the side effects get progressively worse as the chemo has a cumulative effect. Thats not to say its not tolerable you just find you have to be kinder to yourself and dont push yourself as the weeks progress. Having said that once its finished after the 6th chemo I was back to work full time within 6 weeks. I wish you well on you journey . Kathy xx

  • Amazing you were back at work 6 weeks later kathy!well done ! I have similar concerns to you Kerry , just started second line and nausea tiredness were worst than first line but manageable . Hoping To stay where I am as rounds progress but only time will tell. Have to get in habit of seizing good times when they roll! That said I tolerated first line extremely well from start and largely stayed that way, just got more tired as time went On, best of luck ,

  • Hi Susan, thanks so much for your reply. I'm glad that your side effects are still manageable and I hope they stay that way as you go through the second line. Wishing you all the best and thanks again! x

  • Hi Kathy, that's fantastic you were back up and running six weeks after finishing treatment. Well done! I hope you continue to feel well. Thanks so much for the advice - I will take it to heart. All the best, xx

  • Still here, alive and kicking 8 years+ after diagnosis of OC Stage 3. Scan results again tomorrow so feeling sick and jittery but what will be will be. Wishing you all the best . Kathy xx

  • Hi Kathy -- I was definitely a bit sicker last night and rested up most of the day -- but as you said, it's no great surprise to feel progressively a bit worse and it's nothing that can't be managed.

    How did you get on with your scan results today? (I should check the main board to see if you've already posted about it there and will reply there if so.) Hoping for good news for you. xx

  • Hi Kerry. Sorry to here you were feeling sicker last night. Dont forget to ask for different anti sickness if what you have doesnt work. Keep trying different ones until you find what works best for you. I found that as time progresses I needed stronger antisickness. I always think nausea is the worst feeling ever or maybe Im just an wimp. Cyclizine always worked well for me.

    My scan was all clear today. So bigggggg relief. Getting the results doesnt seem to get any easier but I feel good. I wont put it on the main thread because It makes me sad/guilty, call it what you will, that others arent as lucky. Hope your coping ok xx Kathy xx

  • Good morning! Oh, that's fantastic news, Kathy. I'm so so happy for you. xx I think I know what you mean about the guilt you feel you feel when something goes well or you feel lucky. I have that a lot because, really, my situation is so much easier than 99% of what everyone else here is going through. However, don't forget that we're all going to be happy for you, and that reading any good news can be an inspiration to anyone who happens to need a boost that day. So well done, and here's to continued good news for you!

    Thanks for the advice on the meds, by the way - I did much better last night (tiny bit queasy but not sick) and other than feeling a bit worn out I'm doing well. Big hug to you on your results! :) xx

  • Hi Kerry, delighted to hear you are feeling ok. Remember to be kind to yourself, take things easy, rest when you can. You may feel like you can do things but I remember well thinking the same and trying to do too much too soon. If you are on three weekly chemo your third week will be the best. Returning a big hug for a good weekend. Take Care. Kathy xxx

  • Thank you, lovely. Wishing you the same! xxx

  • Morning Kerry, I had six sessions of carbo over the summer. After session one I was fine, session two the nausea kicked in, session three I ended up with a stomach bug and inflammed kidneys so felt awful. Sessions four, five and six I felt pretty much the same each time with nausea, fatigue and irritability (I think this was down to the steroids). I found that drinking loads of water on the day of chemo and for about three days afterwards really helped as the side affects didn't seems to linger as long and I also wanted to avoid inflammed kidneys again as that made me feel terrible. I also found that eating little and often helped with the nausea. I used to force myself to nibble when I was feeling sick and it did help. My bloods were fine throughout chemo apart from a dip in my magnesium levels. I work part time (three full days a week) and was determined to carry on working as much as I couldbut it became apparent after session two that I would have to take a few days off following chemo as I felt so yucky. My advice would be to take each session as it comes and rest when you can. keep us posted as to how you get on, take care from another Kerry xx

  • Hi Kerry! What a great name. ;) Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Sorry you felt ropey halfway through -- I hope the treatment was successful and you are currently doing well and feeling much better! Thanks very much for the good advice - I've just downed nearly a litre of water after reading this and will keep at it! Take care, Kerry xx

  • Hi again, I did feel ropey but it was manageable and I always picked up after a few days. I have low grade which doesn't always respond well to chemo but my CA125 went down to 16 by the end of treatment so it worked. I'm now on Letrozole which is a daily tablet and I'm due another CA125 next month to see if it's keeping it at bay. Keep downing that water as it really does help. Good luck xx

  • And good luck to you as well. Here's hoping that CA125 is still looking good next month. All the best & thanks again! xx

  • I just want to wish you well for today, sorry I am late in replying. My first Carbo Taxol was a little debilitating and continued so until my last one. When I got to the last, I didnt care much and maybe because I was more chilled, I wasnt as sick. Watch out for constipation as well as nausea. Eat smaller meals more often rather than stick with three big meals a day. I do hope that you continue on same as you did on first treatment. In this we are all different with our side effects and anti nausea. So heres hoping that you continue to do well on treatment. Best wishes

  • Thank you so much! I definitely had a better experience on the day, as I wasn't quite as anxious and had a nurse I really connected with. Last night was a bit rough; was up sick in the night but today seems better - just a bit worn out but I can feel my appetite coming back. Definitely getting more fruit and veg down me earlier in the process to avoid the constipation this time around, hopefully! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for the good wishes - hope you are well! x

  • Well two down now so that isnt bad, yes it helps to keep on top of the constipation if you can because you feel less nausea. I am doing okay at the moment, ct stable so they stopped Avastin after two years on it. So in the meantime have retired from work and am doing a few hours a few voluntary. So it gets me out in this horrible weather.

  • So glad to hear this, and I hope you get on well without the Avastin. Yes the weather here in Manchester is horrid as well, but given the alternatives, how nice is it to be about and about, even in the miserable drizzle! Well done you! x

  • Hi Kerry

    That's 1 more done. Hope the next few days are not too difficult.

    Loraine. Xx☺

  • Hi Loraine!

    Thank you very much. Was definitely sicker last night than I was with round 1 but am feeling better today, just a wee bit worn out. Two down, four to go. :) Hope you're feeling well and are looking forward to your Embra trip! xx

  • I reacted differently to each one every time, most of all I was very tired, had to really force myself to go for walks etc but when I did felt better for it. I was really poorly the second one so my onc gave me EMEND anti sickness which worked and didn't feel sick soo much after that. I just kept counting down and looking forward to the week before my next treatment as this was the week I felt OK.

    Wishing you well xx

  • Thanks so much for your reply & good advice. I didn't get out at all yesterday but today I am resolved to shower and get out for at least 10-15 minutes, maybe have a coffee or buy some fruit at the market. I know it will do me a lot of good! Very kind of you to take the time to write me, given how you've been feeling. How are you getting on with the Caelyx? xx

  • Sounds as if you are having a better day, so pleased!

    You are more than welcome.

    I'm feeling lots better, have a few side effects like a bit of a rash and my skin is quite dry but I'm using the cream I've been given and it's does help, so I'm having a better few days now thankfully.

    Best wishes and thank you for asking xx

  • Splendid - great news! I did get out today, had a bit of a walk and bought some groceries, even had a lovely chat with a complete stranger in a coffee shop. He was quite handsome too. :) So glad you're having a good run - hoping it's all onwards and upwards for you. All the best, Kerry xx

  • Do you have hair loss with carbo ?

  • Hi Charlie,

    No, carbo generally doesn't cause hair loss, although it can cause a bit of thinning. Other than after I shampoo it and comb it out, I wouldn't notice it at all. My hair does feel dryer than usual, and my scalp is extra sensitive, so I'd say don't use anything harsh on it, like hair dyes etc. All the best, Kerry x

  • Thank you honey 😃

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