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Complex adnexal mass with solid areas and septae


Hello All,

I had my pelvis UV 2 days ago and it identified complex adnexal mass with solid areas with fluid and septae. The report says there is no doppler flow and the size being 4.3cm. I’m 36 years old and have a 5 year old son.

I have been this nervous in my life and hope some of you can share your experiences.

I’m booked to have ca125 next week and was referred to a gynaecologist.

Awaiting your responses.

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The waiting and uncertainty is a very difficult time Nora. Are you being seen under the 2 week wait? If not, ask your GP about this and push for it. I understand your nervousness - anyone would be in your situation. I hope you have friends and family to talk to and remember we are all here for you.


Nora82 in reply to Lou53

Thanks Lou53. Yes I’m on 2 week referral. Hopefully I’ll know about the appointment this Monday x

Hi Nora, I had a similar ct scan result of a 4.5cm complex septated cystic adnexal lesion. I had surgery on Friday and it appears to be an endometrioma which are usually benign but I have to wait for the histology results to come back to confirm. I was very worried as well and I am happy to have it removed! My CA-125 was elevated as well but the cyst or any inflammation can cause this to happen. Have you a history of endometriosis? Best of luck with your treatment! You may need surgery to remove it as I don’t think that complex cysts go away themselves. X Maria

Nora82 in reply to Mguilfo

Hi Maria thanks for sharing your experience. Could I please ask few things. Does your cyst have any solid areas and doppler flow?

I was reading various forums and worried having solid areas with septae is something to worry that can be malignant?

Also when did you first diagnose the cyst and what are your timelines till the op? Is it laparoscopy or an open surgery? Did just remove the cyst or the ovary as well? X

Mguilfo in reply to Nora82

Hi Nora, my cyst was a complex septated cyst which means that there were solid areas in it. There was no mention of Doppler flow on the CT scan report. The scan was taken on sep 21st and I was told on sep 26th, I Saw the gynaeoncologist on Oct 9th and I had surgery on nov 16th. Because I also have endometriosis, elevated CA-125, a sister with colorectal cancer and symptoms which could be ovarian cancer he said that the ovary with the cyst needed to come out along with the Fallopian tube and he advised me to take the other one as well to avoid future surgeries. But I am 46 with 3 kids and I had no plans for more babies! My surgery was keyhole but there was a risk of reverting to open if he encountered blood vessels of bowel in the way! Everyone’s case is different! He also wanted to make sure that it came out intact! Best of luck! X Maria

Nora82 in reply to Mguilfo

Hi Maria, thanks for sharing info. I don’t have any endometrial history. Hoping for the best.

And hope you are recovering well x

I've had two young friends with complex adnexal ovarian cysts and raised ca125. Both fortunately were listed for early surgery and both were benign cysts. Hoping yours is too. Xx

Nora82 in reply to LittleSan

Thanks so much for sharing. I feel lot better and hoping the same for me xx

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