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Solid mass, is it true it's more likely to be cancer?

I have been told today that my ovarian cysts has grown and has a solid mass. I read that this means the cysts is more likely to be cancer, is that true. I am having the blood test tomorrow and being urgently referred to gyno. The worst is not knowing what I am dealing with and how am I supposed to feel. I know worrying won't change anything but how do you not worry?

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Dear Nikie,

No one can tell you how to "not worry" in this situation, but perhaps try to focus on the positive, i.e. you are being referred very quickly, so that whatever the outcome of the tests, you will have a much better chance of effective treatment. Try also not to jump to conclusions before you've had chance to discuss it with the gynae specialists.

Good luck,

Gill J


Thank you for your response gill.

Are you in a similar situation to me?


Hi Nikie,

no, very different I think. I was diagnosed with OC stage 4, 5 years ago, and after 2 years post-op remission I relapsed. I have been having different types of chemo & radiotherapy ever since, and am just about to start on the treadmill again. "Focus on the positives" is my mantra!

Let me know how you get on,



Hi Nikki. Being in this waiting stage for tests and appointments is very difficult and telling you not to worry won't help. I think we all learn to live with a nagging worry in the background but I find that once I know the situation the worry does fade into the background. I agree with Nikki - focus on the positive - like the rapid arrangement from blood tests and the urgent referrel to the gynae specialist who will be able to answer your questions. And you should have plenty of opportunities to ask questions of diffrent people. I am sure others have advised you to write down any queries you think of so don't forget them. And if you can have someone with you that is a big help - two people listening to the answers can compare notes afterwards.

Good Luck.



Hi Nikie! I was referred quickly too, after they spotted a suspicious mass on my ovaries. It was cancer and I had it operated on out the next week, that was eight years ago, and the follow-up care and support I've had since has been exceptional. I've been lucky, and am still well. Put your faith in the professionals. I know it's a worrying time, I still worry when something starts hurting or there's a bit of a health problem, but I agree with the others -- focus on the positives, it's usually possible to think of what's going ok. Let me know how it's going, and good luck!

Wendy x


Thanks so much to all you ladies that have took time out to answer my question. It helps so much reading your stories and words of encouragement. I will let you know my outcome and I wish you all the very best in your own battles. X

<b>Updated on Oct 8 2010 10:24PM:</b> Hi this is to update my situation.

Sadly diagnosed with ovarian cancer yesterday, this was following the removal of a cyst, ovary and tube.

I have to have a full hysterectomy now and a ct scan to see if the cancer has spread.

Dark days!


Hi Nikie!

Have you had a CA125 blood test? If not ask for one. If it is elevated ensure that you get a CT scan. The real symptoms of ovarian cancer are invidious - bloating - farting a lot - slight incontinence - inability to get the weight down despite diet and exercise.

I thought I was just getting old!

This is a brill website for identifying symptoms that even the medics do not recognise!


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