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Advice pls re cyst and mass

Hi im 44 years old have had 3 c sections a hysterectomy 10 yrs ago and a cyst removed 5 years ago. Went to gynae doctor this week and scan revealed 7 cm cyst , fluid in pouch of douglas and notes also said within this fluid/cyst was solid masses- notes said i needed urgent mri. Took the note to hospital Was admitted thursday but sharp pain gone and left with dull full ache feeling but no sickness just like heavy period pain and lower back pain and just uncomfortable i guess feel like im full yet tummy no longer swollen . Hospital happy to let me out over weekend if pain not bad and mri due for monday. I know i need to wait for scan but given the doctor who referred me was so adamant i should be in theatre and should insist hospital get me a mri im worried. Hospital have said i really am too high risk to operate due to all scar tissue . Ive been reading a lot and am not sure if im imagining symptoms or what now but have to admit im scared. Given my age my history and the ultrasound notes anybody has any views ? Thank you so much

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Oh forgot my bloods were fine


So sorry you are feeling scared and having to wait for scan until Monday. It isnt a nice place to be at the moment especially at the weekend. I wouldnt let on pain has lessened that way they might do scan or mri sooner. I wouldnt be in a hurry out of there until you get some answers, thinking of you


Thank you so much .... Cant help worrying but am trying :)


Hi Amanda

I think you need to follow through with all investigations your health is important. It's very scarey waiting for tests and results and decisions so I understand your worries. Hopefully the mri will make clear what needs to be done. It might be better if you don't read up on what it might be, as sometimes this makes you more scared. I find rescue remedy helps to calm me down.

Wishing you well. Hugs

Aemi x


I agree with other ladies. Stick to your guns and try and express your concerns to the doctor. I know it's difficult but try to stay calm. I always say write down your concerns and questions and take time to consider the answers you are given. If your unhappy with what your told say so.

Hope it goes ok



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