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Update after appointment

Long story short gynea poked proded ect couldn't see one ovary due to bowl other looked fine,some fluid in abdoman,took a biposy of uturus ,then said he didn't think it was gynecological but a bowel issue asked more questions did a rectol exam ,we spoke ,had three more blood test run another can 125 then one looking for bowel cancer markets,one for pancreatic cancer,he's going to discuss with the team and MRI scan to follow,I'm now even more scared ,unsure, praying these other tests are negative, not cried....yet...

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Sorry for spelling mistakes no glasses on

Had a cry ...now putting in a braver face.

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Hi Polly. have you been told when you get yr results? Have a cry when you need to, come on here when you need to vent. We are all here for you. Sending you positive thoughts and the biggest hug xx Kathy xx

Hang on in there Polly...xx

Sorry you have no answers yet and further tests - everything crossed you get sorted out soon - uncertainty is very hard to deal with x

Sorry you still don’t have confirmation. Waiting for results is so very difficult but once you have a definite diagnosis and a plan, it takes a weight of your mind. Hang on!

Didn't sleep well last night you'll all know the score of stareing into the dark mind whirring..

Decided I can't alter whatever the outcome is going to be but I can do something so I've decided to cut out sugar, salt,red meat all the things that could impact on bowel health it'll make me feel like I'm doing something.

No not been told anything re timescale re results I'll give it till Friday then ring.The consultant was a bit brisk,business like not very approachable and defiantly didn't take kindly when I dared to suggest he could be wrong and then what happens....

I am sorry you are in this awful position of waiting for results. My doctor thought mine was a bowel issue but it turned out to be OC. I did have a lot of bowel discomfort with alternating diahorrea and constipation. My CNS nurse recommended a "low residue" diet which give the bowel a chance to rest and recover, might be worth asking your team if you should follow it. Hope you get your results very soon. Lyn xx

The waiting for results is the worst time! You go from all will be ok to planning your funeral, it’s torture!

It’s fine to cry and scream and swear whatever it takes to get you through to results sweetie x

Try and plan some nice things to do to retry and distract you a little xx

Sending hugs

Bev xx

I've gone out today bought fruit and healthy food,made a home made veggie soup with loads of different veg in,I've not drunk coffee today which has been hard when its all I normally drink...its given me something to do.

Yep I've been thinking no h sod it they'll be nothing wrong so why worry,to oh god I'm dyeing and won't be here at Xmas...do drs realise how worried we are.

Believe it or not the consultant didn't say hello or introduce himself when I went In,he said why are you here,I explained,he then said what do yiy want me to do over it...I didn't like him one bit...he wasn't friendly or kind and I know you just want someone who can do the job but a smile wouldn't of hurt him.

Sometimes you do wonder why they went into a supposedly caring profession - some gynae surgeons sadly still old school misogynists - can’t think why else you’d want to prod and poke and cut up women!!! Day after my op the duty consultant came round and had me in tears as everything I said he just tolled his eyes and more or less said “so what .”

Can you speak to your GP or have you been allocated a CNS as often they can answer questions and mediate between you and the gynae. Hopefully the MRI will come through soon and you get an answer and plan x

Polly, hang in there, it must be nerve wracking not knowing the result, but prayer for you and hope your results all turn out great!

My gp is lovely dare I say is it sexist a lady go I've been her patient for 26 years ,I'll ring her Friday find out if she knows anything.

I'm not bothered that it was a male gynea but there is a part of you thinks what do you know about the emotions of being a woman ....

Slept better last night which helps.

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