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Got appointment


Hospital called me ,off to see gynea a week on Tuesday, was referred under two week rule.My husband is going to go with me.I was going to go on my own ,I know its daft but I didn't want to put him out and disrupt his work... I'm so used to helping others to be the one wanting support is hard,I feel I'm being weak if I let my guard down and have a little cry.Daft I know.

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Glad to hear you have an appointment sorted! Do let us know how you get on. xx Kathy xx

Hi Polly. It's scary but also a good thing, to get to the exam soon.

Frankly, I try to take my husband with me to all major check-up exams or to decision-making appointments, whenever possible . Sometimes he can't easily get away from work but still offers to join me; in those cases I might just decline and say I'm fine on my own. But I won't lie.. it's a big help when he comes along. If nothing else, he offers a second pair of (not quite as panic prone) ears to take in - and later recall - all the information.

Good luck with the appointment. Maus

Glad you've got your appointment, Polly, and glad your husband is going with you. I know how you feel, though, about not wanting to put him out. You're the one that helps others. That's just how I felt. After nearly twelve years I've got used to it now, though. It's a good thing, that he's coming because it's amazing how much you can't remember after your appointment so two brains are better than one. He'll be fully in the know and can remind you of things you forget to ask. My husband has my list of questions and prompts me if necessary. Wishing you well for a week on Tuesday.

Love and a big hug, Solange 😊Xx

Hello Polly - Its perfectly ok to be scared and perfectly normal to feel vulnerable, let your husband to go to appointments with you, they are a great support if you let them, my husband is usually my "Mr fix it" but he felt helpless at my diagnosis, he said

"this is one problem I can't fix." And as others have said, at the appointments with Dr's etc it is so easy to miss what they are telling you, I suddenly become deaf and dumb. I wish you all the very best at your appointment, in the meantime don't google as it will only scare you witless, if you must read up on OC then stick to the facts on Cancer research page. Try to stay busy while you are waiting and stay positive it really does help keep you sane. Best Wishes Lyn xx

Good to know that you have your appointment. My husband always comes with me to all my appointments , as my brain always turns to mush, and I can never remember what the doctor has said .its ok to cry .good luck xxx


I was like that. No point in us both having a day off etc and to be honest that first appointment he looked at my U/S result and recent bloods. Examined me internally and with U/S inside and out. Went through a mountain of questions about family history and my history. Ordered lots of bloods and a CT scan.

Afterwards I realised I was so pleased I’d gone with Hubby. Just his being there to ask questions and hold my hand, he got to form an opinion of the gynae and having ended up where I am on this path it actually has been a blessing him knowing all the staff too

Good luck

LA xx

Good you have that appointment sorted and very pleased your hubby is going with you. Polly, let people help you while you are a bit wobbly, you deserve some tlc right now. All the best for your appointment and remember, we all here to support you 🌻

Glad you’ve got your appointment and I would definitely take ‘hubby’ with you. Mine has been there all the way x. Cry ........ if you need to. I cried my way through every appointment , it helped me. I get to within 5 mins of the hospital and start every time even now. I’m better with emotions out. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, if it helps you cope then just do it. I wish you all the best x x x

We're all different in our coping mechanisms. I've been 100% responsible for myself all my life so doing the whole thing on my own is perfectly natural. It may help that I have a science/laboratory background and am an information junkie, and my work means I have access to a load of relevant journals, so I can spend time researching... Do what you must to get yourself through.


Thanks everyone .

It’s not daft at all, this is a scary time for you, we all know that feeling only too well. Your lovely husband will be a tower of strength for you I’m sure and he’s certainly starting off on the right foot by going with you. Its great you’ve got your appointment under the two week ruling, I hope it goes as well as it possibly can go and you get some positive feedback and a good plan of action going forward. Let us know how it goes, big hugs of encouragement ❤️Xx Jane

Firstly good luck.....then from a 'husband' view point - I always went with my wife. Firstly because I wanted to support her and sometimes getting info, two heads are better than one for retaining/remembering etc Secondly because even though it was her that had the OC, I/we always viewed it as something we were going through, finally we tried as much as possible to 'top and tail' the day, by having brunch before the appointment or a bite somewhere after, so that the day wasn't just about the appointment.

Obviously whatever is best for you is best...… Hope it goes well.

Whatever works best for you, but personally I would take hubby -for all the reasons others have pointed out. I didn’t take mine in with me on my first ever appointment with gynaecologist and I completely forgot afterwards that he had told me to get my ca125 checked ‘just to be sure’ in 2 months as it was 40 (only just higher than normal) all I focussed on was him saying it definitely wasn’t cancer, after he had examined me. Unfort he was wrong and i’ll never know what difference an earlier diagnosis might have made. Sorry, not meaning to scare you but just to say it’s really useful to have a second pair of ears who’s able to absorb the info more than the person in the spotlight sometimes. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Love

Madeline xx


Ohh its a blooming long 2 weeks.I'm fed up and just want to be at the hospital finding out what's going to happen.I'm worried because if they say ohh let's just observe wait watch monitor do I think oh I'm fine can't be anything wrong and go on my merry way do I trust the drs....or do I say now hold on how do you know I'm fine ,insist on further pokeings proddings and samples..this is what's worrying me and I've been reading posts where woman have thought they're OK,trusted the drs only to later realise heck we should have kicked up a fuss.

I've now got a tiny pea sized lump below my rib its hard it hurts I've never noticed it before its weird .

Roll on tuesday

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