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Ultrasound Appointment


I have my pelvic and abdominal ultrasound appointment tomorrow (just within the two weeks :-) )

I know I have to go with a full bladder and nil by mouth for six hours, but I was wondering if there is anything I should ask or look out for?

I am glad I finally have it,as today I noticed a bulge on my left abdomen, about the size of my palm, between the pelvis and the ribs...so the worry has gone into the stratosphere!

Thanks for any help.

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Hi. Unfortunately it is unlikely that they will be able to tell you anything when you have your scan done but do ask when you are likely to get the results. It can be very worrying waiting for investigations especially when you start feeling things and the waiting and wondering is always hard. Do give Ovacome a ring if you would leik to talk things through.

Best Wishes



Hi teabiscuit, as reply above . usually the scan is done by a radiographer/radiologist . They do not usually advice you about the results but send the information to your specialist who will then see you for an appointment . You could ask them how long this would take . I can only imagine how worried you are and do hope all turns out to be ok



Good luck for tomorrow. When I had mine I came with a full bladder but was still asked to drink three more large cups of water - still didn't make the bladder full enough so I had a lot of inning and outing and to-ing and fro-ing which was a bit stressful.

Hope it all goes smoothly



Thank you ladies!

Knowing I have to wait for results is frustrating - especially since it will be the weekend!!!! I'm going to ask to have a look at the screen, even though I have no idea what to look for. I am also going to keep a keen eye on the face of whoever is doing it.

I can't seem to distract myself from tomorrow's scan, how I am going to manage waiting for results is beyond me.



Hi Teabiscuit

When I had my ultrasound the radiographer was able to point out my ovarian cyst to me and tell me what size it was but obviously couldn't tell me anything about malignancy. Having it was an ok experience although I was glad to get to the loo afterwards!

All the best for tomorrow



Thanks Linda

I know myself, and won't be able to resist asking even if I don't get an answer! Yes, going to the loo must be a relief. As it is, I am always going, now I need to have a full bladder and have someone press on it? Oh dear, I hope there are no leaks :-)



I am very pleased to read that your scan is happening tomorrow.

I doubt whether you will glean much information from the person carrying out the scan. They are instructed not to form any opinions to the patient and usually the facial expression does not give much away.

However, you could ask for the report of the scan to be forwarded ASAP to your GP. Hopefully, the report will be sent to your surgery within the next few days. If not, please ask your GP to chase the report. If necessary, he could telephone the hospital to have a verbal report to speed things up.

Good luck



I'm glad you're getting on with things. The waiting is the hardest part! Try planning little treats and breaking the day up into sections with something nice in each one ---even if it's only watching a DVD or TV programme or listening to a piece of music, or having a walk in the garden and inspecting the flowers and insects ...always assuming you can dodge the rain. I had a scan, then another, then an ultra-vaginal (not at all threatening or painful), then a gynae specialist appointment, so it took about three weeks in all before I was admitted to hospital, but I'm not sure about the timings these days. Mine was nearly ten years ago now. Good luck

Love Wendy xx


Just got home, and everything is fine :-)

She told me everything she was looking at and it all looks okay according to her. She did say my left ovary was not too easy to see and that my uterus wasn't too clear....but certainly no cancer!! She did a normal ultrasound and a transvaginal one

What a relief - however, I am still having the same symptoms, so what is causing them? I don't suppose I will ever know. I'm not rushing back to the doc as it seems pointless.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has offered me advice and support and I wish every one of you lasting happiness.



So glad that things seem well for you. If you are having symptoms that you interpreted as OC, maybe it would clarify things if you look on the Ovacome website, click on the left hand option that says BEAT ovarian cancer with Ovacome and scroll down to the BEATonline symptom tracker. You can look at the possible symptoms and note them down and print out for an appointment with whoever. Of course, you may already have done this, in which case, sorry! I'm so glad that they have been able to reassure you

Love Wendy xx


That's brilliant news , take care.


Charlie xxx


Dear Teabiscuit

I feel very relieved for you that you had a reassuring result from the ultra-sound.

However, all the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing still need investigating. The swollen abdomen, difficulty in eating, bloating, heartburn, constipation, urinary frequency and extreme fatigue that you have described in a previous posting obviously have a root cause.

I would encourage you to go back to the surgery and see a different doctor with whom you can communicate properly, rather than have your concerns dismissed or minimised yet again.

Sometimes, when patients feel that they cannot communicate with their doctors, they feel that it is "pointless" (to quote your own words) to seek medical advice. Please do not fall into this trap and just let these problems drift on and perhaps become worse.

At least you can have peace of mind that you are not facing ovarian cancer.

Best wishes



The trouble is that your symptoms although common to OC are also common to lots of other conditions so you need to be properly investigated. Has the lump on your abdomen gone or is it still there?


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