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Had an appointment with oncologist today to review the stomach and brain scan i has last Tuesday. On the plus side it too only 5 minutes to park - it can take more than an hour - and we were called in to see the nurse within minutes. Going well so far.

I asked about the scan results - what scan? didn't know anything about scan. Nurse goes away to chase them up. Some time later she returns saying everyone is emailing, phoning etc but no scans to be found. Bloods were perfect, however. Come back next week. Message from onc to say stop taking the rucaparib for a week.

I feel fairly resigned, and fall back on cursing Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt. On the other hand the week since the scan has been stressful - still can't work out the logistics of the funeral. Maybe I'll have it sorted by Wednesday.

At least the shroud is finished,

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Lovely crochet Rachael....the colours look similar to one I've been working on since forever - is it by chance the wool from the learn to crochet magazine?



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No, it's cotton yarn from anywhere having a sale - it had to be biodegradable because I am being buried in green site.

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Ah - apologies - I thought you were joking about the shroud!



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Many people do! It was much cheaper than a box, and I rather drew the line at recycled Amazon boxes!

Soooo annoying when that happens. For us it is the focus of the appointment. For them it’s - oh wonder where it is and were you expecting results.

This is the reason I always request a copy of the report before I see the Dr. In fact last time he said “I’m not telling you anything that you do not already know”. Replied I can read but you understand.

At least I know that it has been done and can ask questions if I need to.

Good luck next week and hope the parking is only 5mins again.

Best wishes



What an experience!

How far from the hospital do you live?

I feel blessed living in the centre of Bath and being able to get to the Royal Unite Hospital in 5 to ten minutes, although parking can still be a bugger, even with my handy Blue Badge.

I am also thankful that I continue to receive excellent care, that test and scan results are always back when they say they will be, that my oncologist and surgeon are easy to talk to and I can discuss thoroughly all my concerns and treatment options.

71 is too young to die. My mom is frail but sharp as a whip at 97.

Fight on,


That’s gorgeous Rachel but I am seriously hoping for better news for you so it can go in the draw for later. xx

That’s beautiful Rachael, your very talented. Wishing you the very best for you 🙏🙏

I sometimes wonder if the doctors realise just how stressed out we get which this awful disease .

I was at the Christie’s yesterday for bloods before I see the prof on Monday, iv convinced myself it’s back , so dreading Monday. I try to carry on as normal, but at times I’m overwhelmed with fear .

Love Sheila xxx

Hi Rachael.

They expect you to wake up while taking a shower and find the scans were just a bad dream??

Hope the results show up and, more importantly, that they won't indicate a need for organizing a funeral any time soon. (they can be ordered online btw)

Hugs, Maus.

Wishing you easy parking and short waiting time as well as good enough results that you can put that beautiful shroud away for long while. Why did Onc say to stop Rucaparib for a week if bloods were good? oxoxox Judy

Beautiful pic and the cookouts are amazing. The service from your team however - awful! Which hospital are you at that it can take an hour to park? ( just in case I go on to yet another hospital if there are any trials available anywhere!)

So hope that shroud can gather dust in a drawer for a long while...🙏

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