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Next week (28th) is my next onoclogy appointment, they have moved it twice so haven't see the gynae since October, this is the longest gap for me my original appointment was December, then February and then March. I know I'll have the usual fiddle, bloods and scan but feeling very apprehensive as have been suffering with stomach pains, sometimes sharp other times not, for the last few weeks now. I'm hoping it's hormones or the exercise I'm doing.

I embarked on a low fat diet only to be told off because apparently it will make my thyroid even more lethargic than it already is, if that's possible! So back on the 'balanced' diet. I'm following SW online and am now confused lol (thanks doc).


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Good luck with your oncology appointment next week Lily-Anne. Just think whatever will be is there already so worrying isn't going to be helpful to you. I really hope you have good news and a satisfactory appointment.

Loads of love Annie xxx


Good luck for your appointment. I had my first follow up and my mind went to mush. I had some questions written down but the obvious questions went completely out of my head.



I don't know anyone who doesn't get the heebie jeebies before a check up, LA. Will be thinking about you on the 28th and hoping and praying it's all OK. All the best

Love Wendy xx


Do you normally see your gynae every 2 months LA? Like Annie has wisely said, what's there, if it is, is there and no amount of worrying can change that. I don't think the interval matters so much now because so many people are on Watch and Wait and what an earlier appointment means is they have to W & W with the knowledge that it's back. After listening to feedback from another post, and after someone else thought that the way appointments are isn't particularly helpful, I'm going to be contentious here and say that I feel there should be fewer appointments (with the option of calling if symptoms appear) but with a guaranteed 20 minute slot with the oncologist. For some people, the option of a further 10 minute appointment (not my idea but a very good one) could be given so that they can ask questions which have arisen as a result of the first. I have as much time as I want with my oncologist but I have been shocked by the limited amount of time some people get. And so, surely the system should be fairer? I think people with high grade or aggressive low grade may need to be monitored more closely maybe. I feel some patients need quality time with their oncologist so they know where they're at, what the treatment options are, why they're having one regime rather than another, what trials are out there and whether they're possible. This way too, through fruitful discussion, allows patients to make decisions on quality of life issues with their oncologist rather than have those decisions made on their behalf. After all, the only person who can judge the quality of a person's life, is the person themselves. If we're going to go down the route of joint decision making, I think we have to space out appointments more but with the guarantee of a longer appointment and optional follow up one. Always though, with the proviso that appointments can be brought forward, Anyway, just a thought. Xx

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Hope all goes well with your appointment.

Annette xxx


Hi Lily-Anne, Good luck for next week. I still have a lot of discomfort from the surgery as well as dreadful sciatica but my scan was fine. Let us know how you get on, love from Dawn x


Good luck, -fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you xx


Good luck Lily- Anne, sure everything will be fine, fingers crossed,

Love Kaz xx


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