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Ovarian cysts

Hi I've had scans and mri and they found 2 cysts one is a size of a grapefruit and a smaller one on my left ovaries thankfully I had all the tests for ovarian cancer I'm now waiting for op to take them out and my ovaries ..I'm still worry that when they do could they find cancer still are all the test right and I haven't had anybody been through this ?? Atm im getting pain/ache in my back and stomach on the left sometimes im in agony. .

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Hi Sarah

Hope they get your op organised soon so you can put your mind at rest . Sounds positive from what you have said if tests so far have been negative for OC but can understand why you are anxious.

Have you had biopsies taken ?

I had biopsies taken from an investigative laporoscopy which unfortunately confirmed my OC diagnosis but had already been diagnosed after raised CA125 and ultra sound and CT scans . Biopsies after surgery then also confirmed what they already knew. Have your team sorted you some medication to help with the pain ?

Sending you lots of positive vibes and wishing you the best for your surgery . Love Kim X


Hi thank you for ur reply sorry to here u have oc ..but I hoping my op is soon as I'm in alot of pain ..trying to get drs appointment for pain relief as I'm in so much pain ..I've had biopsy ,scans,bloods and mri so far came back ok so hopley I deffo haven't got oc as I have read on here someone had the Same as me then they had op and then cormfirmed it was oc xx


I hope your op is soon and is effective. Sorry to hear you've been going through a lot of pain. I have a friend who's had similar cysts and they keep an eye on her but she doesn't have cancer.


Thank u for ur reply I'm trying to get drs appointment as the pain is bad and fingers cross my op is soon xx


Hi, I'm sorry you have to have surgery to remove the cysts and ovaries. If I was you I would ask that they also remove your fallopian tubes as out now appears that is where this cancer starts. Best wishes for your surgery. Ann x


I had a huge ovarian cyst. Cysts are rarely malignant but chanches are greater as you get older (60+). My tests were too ambiguous and it had to be removed anyway. The way it works here I. The US, the cyst is removed whole and taken to the lab while still on the table. Since I was over the childbearing age they did a complete hysterectomy. If the cyst tests positive they do debulking where they remove lymph nodes, tissue, and the appendix as well as doing an abdominalnal wash. In my case cancer was found but all was encapsulated in the cyst. So the stage was IA. Unfortunately, the cells were high grade so they recommended chemo.

Having said all this, remember that cysts are not usually malignant and your symptoms can be from lots of things.

When I tell people that story I just say that I had cancer but now I don't. Good luck. Whatever happens you will be o e of the lucky ones



Hi I've been to drs about my pain and I'm on zapain tablets which is helping and 2 days later I've got my op date which is on the 5th of June has anyone had this op and tell me about what happens after surgery and how long i be off work for ?? Regards sarah


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