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what can i do. ovarian cysts!

Im just wondering if anyone can give me some advice or guidance in what to do so heres my story

Im 21 years old and started getting a very painful pain in my lower pelvis during the night, unknown to what it was went to the doctors as i really thought there was something seriously wrong with me. My doctor examined me and diagnosed me with IBS. obviously his diagnosis was wrong and i was refereed for a ultrasound scan as a precaution. When i received the scan there was a 4cm x5cm cyst making itself at home on my left ovary! 6 weeks later here i was again back for another ultrasound and yes you guessed it another cyst but this time on the right ovary 3cm x5cm! and again a scan 6 weeks later another cyst on my left ovary 4cm x4cm! after this i was sent over the gynecologist for a internal scan and you guessed it another cyst 5cm x 4cm! it seems like my cysts are changing sides every month but i have one every month and when they burst OMG the pain :(. i have been put on the combined pill which ive been on a week now and it is making me vomit! and since my internal scan i havent had a full nights sleep, i am so distressed and feel like the doctors are fobbing me off. can anyone please give me guidance in what to demand my doctor does as my next step, all comments will be much appreciated. [hugs xx]

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Hi Emma I am one of the support line nurses and I am sorry to hear about all the problems you have been experiencing. So that we can suport you in the best possible way is it possible for you to give us a ring on 08453710554 or 02072996650 Mon - Fri 10-5

Best Wishes



Hi Emma

If you do ring Ruth or the team, I'm sure they will help you to find your way through this. You are obviously very worried at the moment and they will give you really sympathetic, sound guidance as to what to do next. Also there's a BEATonline symptom tracker on the Ovacome website ( that might be worth a look. Remember, information about the possibilities will give you a feeling of being in more control of things.

Take things easy for now and let us know how you get on. This is such a supportive site and there's lots of advice around, whatever the problem, so you're not alone ;-)

Love, Wendy xx


I know, i found it online when i was scanning the internet for advice, all the women on here are so inspirational its unbelievable. I feel like the ladies on here are kinda on the same page and actually understand what i'm talking about. Thank you so much, I will take a look at the symptom tracker which sounds quite interesting. I will keep updating, It feels great to actually get everything off my shoulders!

Thanks again

EJ [hugs xx]


Just a quick update...

Got up this morning and having a quite tender day, feeling quite sickly and heavy in my pelvis/tummy. also having a bit of back ache and aching on my thighs! also discovered this morning that I have been bleeding a little which i dont know either to be happy or worried about as i dont know if this is my periods coming back as i havent had a period for 4 years because of depo/ implanon. At this present time im on the implanon AND the combined pill to see if this helps my cysts which at the moment has made me worse.To be honest stressed isnt the word! because i would like it to be my period coming back BUT the pill makes me vomit like i said. Tried to get an appointment at the doctor but the surgery is apparently "to busy" UGH! Had a dramatic loss of appetite yesterday from feeling so sick, was shocked this morning when i released all i ate yesterday was a apple, banana, toast and a burger from 9am- 11pm! I know something isnt right with me and its so frustrating because i just feel like the doctors dont care and i have nobody to talk to about whats happening with me :(!!

Will update again soon

EJ [hugs xx]



Hope you are feeling a little better today. I would get refered back to the hospital as you say something is wrong, and,quite honestly, it is your body telling you that and you need to find out why.

Won't bore you with my story but I too knew something was not right.

Hang on in there




I think you must put more pressure on at the GP's and tell them it is an emergency when you feel so bad, and if you get no luck try the hospital. All surgeries have to save some appointments for emergency patients. CA125 is definatly to be included in the next step to ensure that is not the problem

Hope you feel better soon and they manage to sort you out.



Just a quick update, stopped bleeding as of yesterday afternoon! so i guess it wasnt my period :(. had quite a bad day pain wise just the sharp pain and sorta heavy feeling all day and loss of appetite yet again, im starting to get concerned now because i dont want to lose more weight than i already have! :(. having a kinda bad day today also, feeling a bit low, tired and yep, im sore again!! thanks so much for the support everyone, hope you are all well

EJ [hugs xx]


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